Details for Warrick County Claims for Payment Alldredge, Autumn 141.66 Beshears, Michael

Warrick County Claims for Payment

Alldredge, Autumn 141.66

Beshears, Michael 18.42

Black, Scott 24.12

Bouchie, Curtis 22.98

Bradshaw, Karen 149.64

Brett M Roy 4,081.25

Camala Cooley 2,335.20

Carol Ruff 174.68

Cheaney, Heather 18.80

Derk, Kimberly 24.50

Evansville Psychiatric Assoc. 52.37

Fehn, Brenda 22.60

First Bankcard 27.98

Francis, Elizabeth 23.36

Greg A Granger 601.33

Gribben, Ryan 146.22

Grugel, Vincent 15.76

Haaga, Mathew 20.70

Hamilton, Steve 22.22

Harper, Mary 18.80

Hoover, Jennifer 22.22

Jamison, Heather 123.42

Johnson, Matthew 22.98

Kolb, Jeffrey 123.42

Koleilat, Sabrina 21.84

Kopatich, Hannah 123.42

Law Office Of Jonathan M Young 2,656.25

Lehman, Gregory 135.96

Long & Mathies Law Firm, P.C. 4,427.09

Love, Kimberly 22.60

Lutz, Gregory 24.88

Macer, Charles 18.80

Mark K. Phillips, PC 2,656.25

Martin & Martin, Inc. 5,312.50

Matthew Bender & Co Inc 868.72

Matthews, Rebecca 151.92

McBride, Christopher 143.94

Menke, Tonya 22.60

Metcalf, Tara 15.76

Michele Busing 365.78

Miller, Devon 28.30

Moffett, Jeffrey 21.46

Mooney, Ginny 25.26

Moore-Denk, Tian 22.60

Mosley, Allen 19.18

Nancy Susott 222.96

Racey, Robert Jr. 122.28

Redmon, Thomas 22.22

Retter, Andrea 15.76

Robert R Aylsworth Judge 209.80

Sanders, Micahael 23.74

Schooler, Matthew 134.82

Sherry Smith 2,656.26

Speicher, Frederick 18.04

Sprint 11.22

Staples Credit Plan 111.04

The Lang Company 85.03

Traci Williams 220.25

U.S. Bank 70.08

Vectren Energy Delivery 240.14

Vogt, George Sr. 22.60

Ward, James 141.66

Warren Mathies 885.42

Warrick County Treasurere 61.26

Winsett, Zach 473.47

Xerographic Business System 36.22

Yesterdaze, Inc. 353.46

Grand Total: 31,457.47

I hereby certify that each of the above listed vouchers and the invoices, or the bills attached thereto, are true and correct and I have audited same in accordance with IC 5-11-10-1.6, JUNE 9th, 2017. IC 5-11-10-2 permits the governing body to sign the accounts Payable Voucher Register in lieu of signing each claim the governing body is allowing. We have examined the vouchers listed on the foregoing Accounts Payable Voucher Register, in the total amount of: $31,457.47 Dated this 9th day of JUNE, 2017.

Debbie Stevens,

Auditor of Warrick County



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