Details for Warrick County Sheriff's Office NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Cause No.:

Warrick County Sheriff's Office


Cause No.: 87D02-1501-PL-000012

Sheriff Sale File number:


Date & Time of Sale: Tuesday, July 27th, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Judgment to be Satisfied: $995,757.85

Plaintiff: LNB Community Bank, formerly d/b/a Lynnville National Bank

Defendant: Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary, Inc.

Legal Description: See Attached

Together with rents, issues, income and profits thereof, said sale will be made without relief from valuation or appraisement laws. This Notice shall also represent service of Notice of Sale of the above-described real estate upon the owners, pursuant to requirements of IC 32-29-7-3

Brett Kruse, Sheriff of Warrick County

Ohio Township


Common Street Address

4122 State Road 261,

Newburgh, Indiana

Parcel Number


Attorney Donald J. Fuchs

Attorney Number 7911-82

Law Firm Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Contact Number (812) 437-0200

Contact E-mail

The sheriff's office does not warrant the accuracy of the commonly known street address. It is the buyer's responsibility to research the legal description and associated legal filings.

Trinity College of the Bible & Trinity Theological Seminary, Inc.

Please Serve

20 NW Third Street, 13th Floor Evansville, Indiana 47708


Part of the Northwest Quarter of Section Twenty-six (26). Township Six (6) South, Range Nine (9) West in Warrick County, Indiana and more particularly described as follows:

Commencing at the Northeast corner of said Quarter Section; thence West along the North line of said Quarter Section a distance of Eight Hundred Ninety-nine and Sixty-five Hundredths (899.65) feet; thence South 01 Degree 13 Minutes West parallel to the East line of said Quarter Section a distance of Eight Hundred Sixty-nine (869) feet to the Southeast corner of Mabel Heinz property as recorded in Deed Record 108, Page 434 in the Office of the Recorder of Warrick County, Indiana; thence West along said property line a distance of Six Hundred Eighty-five (685) feet to the point of beginning of the following described real estate; thence North at right angles to the afore-described line a distance of Eighty (80) feet; thence North 79 Degrees 11 Minutes West a distance of One Hundred Seventy-one and Five Tenths (171.5) feet to the center of State Highway 261; thence South 26 Degrees 52 Minutes West along the center of said highway a distance of One Hundred Twenty-five (125) feet to the Southwest corner of said Heinz' property; thence East a distance of Two Hundred Twenty-five and Eight Tenths (225.8) feet to the point of beginning.

The above-described real estate has a commonly known address of

4122 Hwy 261, Newburgh, IN

Parcel No.


3t 6/15, 6/22, 6/29 hspaxlp


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