Castle's annual male beauty pageant set for this week

Over 50 Castle High School boys will be competing on stage to win the coveted title of Mr. Castle this week.

The 6th annual Mr. Castle Contest is a male pageant and fundraiser for the senior men of Castle, with all proceeds going towards both Teen Power and the Castle show choirs. The show is on Wednesday, Oct. 11, at Castle High School, with doors for the red carpet opening at 6:30 p.m.

Rob DiComandrea, the director behind the show and the choreographer for the Knight Sensations and the Knightingales, said the event is all about bringing the students together for an amazing evening of entertainment.

"It's more of a comedy show than anything," he said. "It is not for people to be like, 'oh I just want to watch hot guys.' It's really made for everyone to come and have a great time."

DiComandrea said Mr. Castle is unlike any other pageant.

"We compete in three rounds," he said. "We do a talent -- which I use the word loosely. We don't do ballads or 'this is my fun act that I usually do on America's Got Talent.' It's like quirky displays of visual craziness."

DiComandrea said in the past, competitors have reenacted movie scenes or have run around the auditorium in crazy costumes.

"They've done stupid pet tricks, dancing," he said. "Some guys wear costumes that inflate."

DiComandrea said next, there is the swimsuit competition.

"There are guys that wear just board shorts -- we don't do Speedos," he said. "Then there are guys who do full wetsuits or a poncho and a rain umbrella and scuba gear and flippers."

Next, is the question and answer round.

"Which is like your basic question and answer round," DiComandrea said. "But we do them really quick."

DiComandrea said unlike other pageants, they do not cut the contestants each round, but they do announce the winners at the end. Those include Mr. Castle, a first, second, third, fourth and fifth runner-up, the main winner for each round of the competition, judge's choice award and the Knight and Shining Armour Award, which is decided by the competitors themselves.

"We give the boys ballots and they vote on the guy that may not be Mr. Castle," DiComandrea said, "but it's like everyone's best friend, would be the best man at the wedding, and you know, the class clown. However they want to do it."

The winners are picked by audience and judges votes.

"So every audience member will get an envelope and printed on one side is all the names of the contests with a check box," DiComandrea said. "Then they check off the audience member's name and that's one vote."

He said if they want to vote more than once for more contestant, they can donate money.

DiComandrea said Mr. Castle is all about school spirit.

"And it brings the guys together," he said. "And we're really proud to say that we have academic guys, athletic guys, artistic guys -- we put them all together."

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Marisa Patwa is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in journalism and minor in political science.

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I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ACCEPTABLE FOR A SCHOOL ACTIVITY. I am ashamed of our school personnel, staff, and board members who gave approval for such a sexual display of students.

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