Chandler actually started out with the name of "Lee." In 1847, the same day it was awarded an official post office, the town changed its name to "Chandler." Within a few years, everyone knew that the change had occurred because of a well-liked foreman from the railroad company, Mr. O.E. Chandler, who worked in their area at the time. There were approximately 100 residents living there, and growth as far as businesses was slow. According to recorded data, it was nearly 100 years after it was founded that Chandler became a productive and growing town.

In June of 1953, a special election was held in Chandler, and men like Ottis C. Perigo, Raymond L. McKain, Elvin Fisher and Norman Akens were all elected to serve as city officials. New businesses began to pop up and dot the sides of the streets and highways. Fisher Lumber Company, which became a long-running family business, was created. McKain's Market was a good choice for fresh groceries, a friendly face and the latest gossip. The railroad built a train depot and tracks through their midst. Another business that survived the passing of time began with William H. Hetzel's heating and plumbing business, which was run in later years by his very personable son, Emerson Hetzel.

Folks often drove down to Chandler on the weekends just to see what the large concrete dog "was wearing"; it was a statue beside the front wall connecting the business and the private residence of Emerson Hetzel and his wife, Ruth. As was the fad for some time, they dressed the dog for all holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It was also dressed in Patriotic clothes and even as school students. Some families paired up that much-anticipated visit "to see what the dog that sits on the wall was wearing" with a visit up the road a little farther, down a dusty trail back to "Baugh's Barbeque" in what was known as "Baugh's City."

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