Boonville woman remains independent as she turns 101

Standard photo/Marisa Patwa

100-year-old Pearl Clark at the St. Clement soup kitchen in Boonville on Thursday, July 26.

For someone who's about to turn 101 years old, Boonville resident Pearl Clark is still very much independent.

She still cooks for herself, does her own laundry and her own shopping.

She said what she loves most about Boonville is “the people and the neighbors.”

Clark, who was born Aug. 4, 1917, will be celebrating her 101st birthday this weekend.

The year Clark was born the average U.S. hourly wage was 22 cents an hour, World War I was still raging and Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States.

Clark got married at age 21.

She and her husband were married for 15 years until he died.

Her son, Greg Allen, lives in Boonville with his wife Pam, and he visits his mom often.

“I have grandkids in Florida and a niece in Evansville,” Pearl Clark said.

Clark had a son named Mark Allen Clark who passed away on Dec. 19 of last year.

Pearl Clark earned a living cleaning homes in Boonville.

Clark said the key to having a long life is by living through Christian principles.

“It’s hard work, raising a family,” she said, “being a good Christian person and going to church.”

Pearl Clark said she enjoys rummage sales.

“I like cooking vegetables and meat,” she said.

Pearl Clark said she also enjoys watching the local news stations.

“Gone With The Wind,” she said, when asked what her favorite film is.

Clark said she also likes country music and going to the St. Clement Parish Soup Kitchen on Thursdays in Boonville.

“I like the atmosphere, the people, the good friends and good cooks,” she said of the soup kitchen.

Clark said she is thankful for many of the friends she has in Warrick County.

“The Ashley family,” she said. “The Lutz family, the Hensley family.”

Clark said at 100, she can still take care of her still just fine.

“I’m great,” she said. “I do my own, cooking, my own shopping. I do everything on my own.”

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