It's dark, it's twisted and it's not the cookie-cutter Disney film you may remember -- it's the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and it's coming to the Castle stage next week.

The Warrick County Summer Musical is presenting the regional premiere of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" July 19 through the 22.

The story centers around deformed, outcast Quasimodo, and his quest for love and acceptance in 1482 Paris.

"This is definitely different from the movie," said Lindy Howard, who is playing the bewitching Esmeralda and is going to be a junior at Castle High School this year. "It's much more mature."

"It's not this happy-go-lucky story," said Sam Schultz, who is going to be a junior at Castle this year and is playing antagonist Frollo. "But I promise we do have songs from the Disney movie."

Jordan Krandell, who just graduated from Reitz High School and is starring as the brooding Quasimodo, said the ending is not something people will expect.

"I get killed by Frollo in the end," he said. "But I like that. It brings more meaning to the musical -- that not everything is all sunshiny and happy."

Megan Moore, who is going to be a senior at Boonville High School and is playing a gypsy, said she believes that although the show is set centuries ago, it still touches on relevant issues today.

"Like immigration," she said. "Frollo, Sam's character, shuns all gypsies and tries to get them out of the city."

Lexi Herring, who is going to be a senior at Castle High School and is playing a gypsy, said it was a treat for her to learn the Paris accent.

"It's a challenge, the way they talk," she said. "You can't talk like you're from southern Indiana."

For Krandell, he said the most difficult part about playing the title role was learning how to act as though he had a speech impediment.

"It was one of the most challenging things I've ever done vocally," he said.

Moore said she enjoyed learning the stage combat as well.

"It was just fun to watch my friends get beat up," she said.

Herring said she loves being apart of the "Hunchback" cast and getting to meet new students from other schools who love theater just as much as her.

"It's the family aspect of it, you know?" she said. "I just know that if I have a bad day and come to rehearsal, there is always someone to talk too. I've made so many new friends."

"It's also nice to get a new directing personality," Moore said.

Moore she can't get enough of performing.

"Just the feeling you get when you're on stage singing and dancing."

For more information about the Warrick County Summer Musical or to purchase tickets, visit

Krandell said, although he usually throws up before his first performances out of nerves, he hopes that the "Hunchback" premiere next week will go a little bit more smoothly.

"I'm just excited to go out there and show what we have done," he said. "And to see what people think, because it's a cool and unique show."

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