Fowler Livery Stable was established in Newburgh, Indiana in 1886. In a special industrial edition of The Southern Indiana Tribune newspaper, a story said that this business was both neat and clean and that the proprietor, R.S. Fowler, "was one who treated animals with a reverence." In business matters, however, Fowler was said to have been shrewd, firm in his decisions, and knowledgeable.

Fowler, who also served in the capacity of secretary of The Newburgh School Board, carried feed and grain at his live dry stable on State Street, and he also provided rides for those who needed to go somewhere and didn't have transportation at the time. Taking after his late father, he was known to have inherited his love for horses and treated the ones he owned with great kindness and gentleness that did not go unnoticed by his patrons. It was, however, a fact that Fowler's great kindness and gentleness did not always come across with some of his customers.

There was once an incident when a local gentleman rented one of his fine horses for the day, at the cost of 25 cents, and, by the time he returned with the horse, the man was "very inebriated" to say the least. Fowler became so enraged that he took the local gentleman to court, ending up with all of $2 in "damages."

It is said that nearly every day after school got out, at least a dozen young boys would appear at the front of this business just to see the horses. During the summer, whenever school was not in session, several of these young boys got hired there to feed and water the horses, brush their thick hair, or give them an occasional bath.

One of most popular services provided at Fowler's Livery Stable was that there was both a stable for those who needed to house their horses for a period of time and also a service that rented out horses as needed.

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