Former Newburgh apartment manager accused of rent theft

Jessica Butler

A former Warrick County apartment manager has been arrested after an investigation revealed she stole from the rental company she worked for.

Jessica Butler, 36, of Evansville, was arrested after a two-month long investigation revealed that she had used a company credit card for her personal use and stole rent money racking up a total of more than $34,000 from Hidden Elms Apartments in Newburgh.

A probable cause affidavit states that evidence came to light after Butler left her position and a manager began to look into the records she left behind.

The affidavit states that it was later learned that Butler had been receiving money orders for rent that she was supposed to deposit into the company's bank account, but was putting her own name on the money orders and depositing them into her personal account. Detectives also noted two other names the money orders were filled out to, but could not find those names in a police sharing database.

"[A manager] stated that some of the renters leave the money orders blank and [Butler] is supposed to stamp the money orders with the company's information. He stated he is missing 30-40 checks," the affidavit said.

In addition to stolen money orders, the investigation found that Butler had used her company credit card to buy items for herself.

The affidavit said purchases were made by Butler on the company card on 87 times, Walmart six times, Holiday World, Logans, Pizza King, Spuds N Stuff, Office Depot, Raben Tire and others. Some items Butler purchased included a 77 inch Intex portable bubble massage spa set for $490.77, an Air Jordan fleece pullover for $46.94 and a Michael Kors Lock monogram belt for $42.59.

According the affidavit, as detectives followed the receipts from the credit card, it was found that she was purchasing items on the internet and then had the items shipped to a Jessica Barnhill with an address in Henderson, Ky.

"I checked Jessica Butler on a police sharing database and observed that Jessica Butler goes by four other names. The names consist of Jessica Butler, Jessica Roy, Jessica Miller and Jessica Redman," the affidavit said.

Butler was arrested on Dec. 20 and later posted bond. Her initial hearing will be held on Friday, Jan. 26.

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