By the 1950s, a lot of homes had been built in Chandler, with more and more families moving to the community. The Fisher family, who established a family business there and kept it for generations, decided that the town needed to have a city park.

It was then that Elias Fisher and his wife, Etta, and Earl Fisher and his wife, Carrie, donated the ground for a park. The Fishers used the ground that had been used for farming and held their livestock. The original shelter house was placed in the park and was donated by the Chandler Kiwanis.

Some time later, a new shelter house was built with donations from several businesses and individuals and a donation from the town of Chandler. The Kiwanis then donated money to build a tennis court. There was also a small pond also that was good for fishing and playground equipment. Interested individuals, keeping the dream of the fisher family alive, have given even more work and donations.

The Chandler Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1952 with 12 charter members. The first fire chief was Richard Musgrave, with Paul Miller and Elvin Fisher as the assistants. Ohio Township Trustee, Ivan J. Reed, purchased the first fire truck in 1953. The members raised $4,000 to build the original firehouse, which was only 32 feet by 52 feet. The ground it was built on, however, was donated. This building still stands next to the current firehouse. In its 61 years, this department has grown to have 28 firefighters, six cadets and a photographer. Everyone involved is a volunteer.

Their police department started from a one-person town marshal in the early 1950s. As the town grew, additional full time and part-time officers were added. Truly, this is an area that has grown by leaps and bounds.

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