Weisheit honored in final meeting

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Commissioners Dan Saylor (left) and Bob Johnson (right) stand with Marlin Weisheit (center) as he was awarded a plaque commemorating his achievements in his final meeting last week.

Warrick County Commissioners commended Marlin Weisheit in their final meeting of the year.

The commissioners presented Weisheit with a plaque and discussed his achievements in recognition of his final meeting on Dec. 26. Weisheit served his final term as commissioner while Terry Phillippe will take over in District 2 this year.

Commissioner Dan Saylor said he has been proud to serve on the board with Weisheit. He said some were surprised when he and fellow commissioner Bob Johnson moved to make Weisheit the board's president in 2017 because they are both Republicans and Weisheit is a democrat.

However, Saylor said the move wasn't about politics, but was about respecting the experience and success of Weisheit who had been on the board for six years previously. He said he and Johnson didn't know the significance at the time, but others outside the county heralded the move as a show of commitment to the community over party lines.

"It has gotten back to me over the last two years how significant that was and the message that was sent to other counties and other commissioners," he said. "He was the experienced veteran here. He's led us well, he's taught us well, and, again, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate [his] service to the community."

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Johnson shared the sentiment with Saylor.

He said he values the leadership of Weisheit and is happy to have been able to serve with him.

"I truly appreciate you taking us two wingnuts under your wing the last couple of years, sharing your knowledge and information, keeping us in line and making sure we do the right things -- and sometimes talking us into doing the right things," Johnson said.

Weisheit said the last two years have been the best two years in his eight years on the board. He said he believes a lot was able to be accomplished with a board that was on the same page.

"I'm just going to tell every one of you that how proud I am that I've been able to work with you and it's been a pleasure to serve," Weisheit said.

Weisheit also served the Warrick County community serving in the Warrick County Sheriff's Office for 15 years with four years as chief deputy. He also continued in law enforcement in 2008, serving as the chief of police for the Chandler Police Department before taking the role as District 2 Commissioner in 2011.

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