Warrick schools start tomorrow

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Algebra I and geometry teacher Ashley Wright putting up stickers on her new birthday month wall in her classroom at Boonville High School on Thursday, July 26. "I thought I'd try something new this year," Wright said of the colorful new project. This is Wright's second year teaching at BHS.

It's time once again for test tubes and textbooks because Warrick schools are back in session tomorrow.

The first day of school for the 2018-19 year is Thursday, Aug. 9.

For high school students, the biggest change to their learning experience this year is the new Chromebooks they'll be receiving, as a part of the school corporation's one to one initiative to incorporate more technology in the classroom.

"This year, we're rolling it out grades nine through 12," Warrick County School Corporation superintendent Brad Schneider said.

Schneider said the plan is to provide middle school students with the devices as well in the next few years.

"Hopefully the response at the high schools goes well this year," he said.

Schneider said there is a rental fee for the use of the Chromebooks.

"It's $25 per semester or $50 per school year," he said, "and that will include the device, a protective carrying case and software."

Schneider said technology is an important tool when it comes to learning.

"Kids are now exposed to technology at a very early age," he said. "So we feel that it's gonna be really positive to incorporate that technology into learning and opening doors to our world that we haven't had 15, 20 years ago."

Schneider said he wanted parents to know that although the Chromebooks are a new tool for students, they have been using technology in the classrooms for many years.

"This is simply the next step with providing each student with a device," he said. "We've had smart boards for a long time, mobile computer labs. We've done a lot of those things, but this is our initial year where student have a device they can take home and call their own."

Schneider said he believes the Chromebooks will open up new doors for students.

"We hope to see increased engagement from the students who weren't excited in the past about a science class or English class," he said, "and that that spark will put them down a career pathway, something they want to learn more about."

Schneider said students should be expected to be paired up with their new devices within the first couple days of the new school year.

"That first day, there's always a lot going on and it's very hectic, but I'm certain some students will get them the first day," he said.

Warrick Education Center Principal Drew Gerth said he is stoked about the new one to one initiative "and the opportunities for additional credits that it will bring the WEC students as they will be able to work a half day here at WEC and then virtually from home to have the equivalent of a full day."

Gerth said they have 35 students enrolled as of last week.

"I expect that number to double before school starts," he said.

As for Tecumseh High School, principal Josh Susott said he is thrilled about the new athletic fields.

"I am very excited about having the football, track and baseball facilities on campus," he said. "This project is one that has been talked about for decades and to see it getting completed is very rewarding."

Susott said he is glad students will no longer be traveling to Lynnville Elementary School to practice or play.

"It will also be easier for our athletic trainers, having everyone in one place," he said.

Susott said the new fields will only benefit students.

"Once all the facilities are finished, this will be something our community and school will have great pride in," he said. "This has been a massive project and it is very rewarding to see it heading towards completion."

Castle High School principal Doug Gresham said they have several new teachers including, Danielle Nkrumah, MaKenzie Smith, Brad Altstadt, Aaron Wiles

Emily Garrett, Lubbehusen Kelly Graber and Jake Bennett. Other new staff additions include Tracy Durgy as a health aid and Michaela Colter as a cafe manager.

"We have 1910 students enrolled right now," he said. "And it goes up every day."

Boonville High School Principal Mike Whitten, who is starting his 16th year as principal this fall, said as of last week, they had 915 enrolled.

"That changes daily as we get new enrollments every day," he said.

Whitten said BHS is also gaining some new teachers.

"Abby Busing is transferring from CHS in science," he said. "And Rachel Reed is a new social studies teacher."

Whitten said he is just excited for the school year to start.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the students, teachers, parents, support staff," he said, "and starting another year with the expectation and hope for great things ahead."

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