To this day a question surrounds the small community that once was Pyeattsville, Indiana: was it located in Warrick or Spencer County? To add to that is another question: which county is responsible for the preservation and safety of Boner Bridge?

For those of you who are not familiar with "Boner Bridge," it is a very unique and scenic spot filled with history and the recollections of many families who lived nearby or crossed over it from time to time. According to the internet, Boner Bridge "is thought to be one of only five of its kind still in existence in the United States."

Years ago, the preservation of this bridge became a topic of several meetings with a DePauw University professor who was gravely concerned with the bridge's need for restoration. The professor ruled that, legally, this was a Warrick County project, as the county on the west side of the bridge is the one responsible. Although there were members of the Pyeattsville community at this meeting, along with members of the Warrick County Historical Society, the project stalled.

At one point, a company was hired temporarily to do some work. But the contracting foreman wanted to make changes to the bridge that did not keep with its integrity as a historic structure.

The location of Pyeattsville is described by some as being "on County Road, 900 West, near the Spencer County line." When it was part of a bus tour around Warrick County some years ago, many of the passengers had never even heard of it. And the same can still be said for Boner Bridge. It is an amazing illusion suspended in space, in a peaceful and private setting, caring less which county it belongs to. For any travelers who pass by there, be sure to take along a camera!

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