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Gary and Anita Young at their home in Boonville on Thursday, July 26.

Gary and Anita Young just moved to Boonville a year ago and they are already making their mark.

The happily-married couple is starting their own free family ministry called The Streams.

"We are not not licensed therapists," Gary Young said. "We've done counseling for over 30 years and have been married for 41 years."

The Streams has a weekly Bible study every Sunday at 4 p.m. in the upstairs building of Second Street Sweets. They also offer parenting seminars, couples counseling, singles counseling and marriage seminars.

Before moving here, The Youngs lived in Texas and and then Georgia with one of their daughters, who had two babies during their stay with her. As the grandkids started to get older, the Youngs began thinking about their next transition in life.

"We spent a long time praying over it, and visiting people here and getting to know the people here," Anita Young said. "The Lord started working on our heart about the people here, and the need. We know there's a lot of traditional churches here but our experience down in Texas and in Georgia has been with more non-traditional churches."

Anita Young said she felt like there were people in Boonville who slipped through the cracks of more conventional churches and weren't comfortable and didn't feel embraced.

"So we saw a need," she said, "and as we prayed, we felt like God was moving us this way."

Gary Young said The Streams was formed with the purpose of utilizing scripture and Biblical principles to build and develop healthier individuals, marriages, parents and families.

"(We are) committed to serving our community and the mentoring of followers of Jesus," he said. "These services are provided at no cost to the individuals and families of our local community."

Gary Young said he grew up on Stevenson Station Road, while Antia Young grew up in Evansville, before they met in their early 20s at the Bethel Temple.

"When we got married, I was 20 and she was 21," Gary Young said. "The interesting part is that I'm a people person. She's an introvert. The first time she saw me, she said, 'that's the guy I want to marry.' "

Gary Young said faith is the foundation of their relationship.

"Without that, we wouldn't have made it 41 years," he said.

Young said focusing on their religious beliefs has made his and Antia's differences only stronger -- but in a good way.

"I love being outside, she hates being outside," he said. "So as varied as we are, and we're incredibly varied, that's been the one thing that's been the common, because that's the basis for what we do, what we decide, how we make decisions. Regardless of who you are, those principles are always the same."

The Youngs said their approach to working with married couples is to first split them up and meet with them separately.

"I may meet with a guy, and she may meet a woman and find out what's going on. You hear their side, hear what he's saying saying and what doesn't add up," he said. "And then we share with them the experience we've had. 'Here's the things we've walked though, here's what we've learned.' "

Gary Young said they also talk about blending different personality types to reduce conflicts and improve relationships, appropriate discipline for different ages, building family history through traditions and memories and being a united front as parents.

"Parents can't be divided when they're discipling," Gary Young said, "They have to be in agreement."

As for why their ministry is called The Streams?

Gary Young said the answer is simple.

"Because the principle is that life flows from God to us," he said, "and then out of us."

People interested in being apart of The Streams can call the Youngs at 210-347-1421 or email them at

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