As some road projects come to completion, Warrick County is gaining grants for upcoming road projects.

County Highway Engineer Bobby Howard told the Warrick County Commissioners in a recent meeting that the county was granted $352,955 in a Community Crossroads Roads and Bridges matching grant to continue work on Boonville New Harmony Road in the northwestern area of the county.

The grant comes after the county recently completed work on the first phase of the road.

Commissioner Marlin Weisheit said the county recently worked to renovate the road in the area of St. John Road near Elberfeld. With the new grant, he said the county will continue work to Weyerbacher Road next year.

"It's a heavily traveled state road," Weisheit said. "We need a

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good road across the county for emergency vehicles and for residents."

Weisheit said the grants have come in handy to complete projects that may not have been able to be completed with yearly paving funds. He said he is proud of the work the county has been able to do to improve roads across the county.

"The roads were a mess a few years ago," he said. "Each year we have done better."

Weisheit said the work that has been done has not only helped to repair problem areas, but has allowed the county to have safer roads to travel. He said the county has been able to do more than just keep up with problems, but has been able to improve the roads.

"I'm so happy we're laying more black top and using less chip and seal and less gravel," he said. "I couldn't be happier with our highway department."

The announcement of the new grant comes at the same time as Howard announced to the commissioners the completion of the Vann Road bridge just off State Road 61. Weisheit said after some changes to the project to ensure the bridge's safety, the total cost of the bridge revitilization was $679,912.10.

"It would be easy to say I am glad we don't have to do this every year," he said.

Weisheit said the county utilizes the help from an engineering firm to inspect bridges in the county to recommend needed repairs in order to ensure the bridges are safe. He said the county maintains 114 bridges.

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