Little kitties played and purred at the Warrick Humane Society's kitten shower on June 28.

At the shower, potential kitten foster parents were shown how to bottle feed, clean and take care of the newborn animals.

Jodie Holder with the Warrick Humane Society said it's currently kitten season -- a time where all of the cats breed and create endless kitten litters.

"During kitten season, every shelter is flooded with newborn kittens," Holder said, "Whether they have a mom or they don't have a mom."

Holder said a lot of the kittens they get in are abandoned.

"The mom will get hit by a car," she said, "and there's a lot of people that want to take them to animal control and be

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done with them."

Holder said most people don't want anything bad to happen to kittens, but that people are sometimes the problem in creating them in the first place.

"People will see an outside cat, assume it's a stray and start feeding it," she said. "And the next thing, it shows up pregnant and you have five kittens."

Holder said most cats have a litter of three to seven kittens.

"We just had a litter of five kittens given to us [last Monday]." she said. "We had another litter of buff tabbies, which is a popular breed."

Holder said she has a lot of people offer to foster kittens who end up falling through.

"They'll keep the kitten for a couple of days and get sick of it," she said, "and then bring it back and make up an excuse."

Holder said it's hard to find good help.

"Except for doctor Danielle Belt," she said. "She fosters kittens for us a lot and also does our low cost spay and neuter clinic."

Holder said she has fostered kittens herself.

"To me, it's no trouble at all," she said. "To some people, getting up to feed them in the night is just not convenient -- those are usually the more pampered type people."

Holder said taking care of a kitten is like taking care of a newborn human baby.

"Well, you think kittens are so cute and adorable," she said, "but, you usually have to get up at least once a night to feed them."

Holder said another task fosters have is helping kittens go to the bathroom.

"You stimulate them down there so that they go to the potty," she said.

"Generally, the mother will lick them down there because that stimulates them to go and then she'll clean them up as they go. Moms are dedicated."

Holder said fosters also have to make sure the kittens remain clean and warm with a heating pad.

"Bathing a baby kitten could actually kill it," she said. "We've had people made that mistake where they are too cold and they couldn't bounce back and then they are dead. They are very delicate little things."

Anyone looking to foster a kitten or who has questions for the Warrick Humane Society about how they can get involved and help can call 812-858-1132.

"We want people to be more aware of what's going on and help with the care of of kittens," Holder said. "Too many people are eager to drop animals off but, aren't eager to help them."

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