Even though one would never guess it today, when driving through the small community of Selvin, it once was thought of as "a bustling town."

There was at least one fine hotel, along with a boardinghouse, a pretty fair baseball team, and even many square dances were held down in "Tightwad's" mill building. Rumor is that "Tightwad" himself played the fiddle and that folks came from miles around to dance and have fun.

A man named Shirley Skelton had a feed store in a small building near his home, and Bob and Zola Spencer ran a mill at Heilman.

They had the equipment to grind feed such as corn, wheat, oats, etc. into feed for cattle, hogs or chickens. James Stephens also had a similar mill in Heilman. Back during the 1800s, horses were used to grind the grain and corn.

When a creek was full and flowing, the farmers would have someone with a portable water-powered mill to come in, set it all up and grind their own grain. The wives would come along with baked goods and fried chickens and everyone made a day of it.

The post office at Selvin was moved around to different locations for years.

Alice Spradlin had it in her house at one time. Bert Allen had it in his store as well, and, according to recorded information, he also was operating a "mom and pop" store at the same time. Therefore, whenever a post office customer came in, he would put on his post office hat and go behind the counter, then remove the hat and come back into the store and began cutting up pork chops and the like.

Along about 1960, Selvin lost its post office and everyone was required to have a mailbox in front of their residence and the mail was delivered from Dale from then on.

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