Property Transfers for the week of March 3, 2019 and March 10, 2019:

4322 MEADOWBROOK LN, NEWBURGH; Mary E Bahr to Daniel S Lawrence, $153,500.

3573 ARBOR POINTE DR, NEWBURGH; Bill D Webb to W Blake Larson, $234,900.

5455 MCCOOL RD, BOONVILLE; Dorothy Ann Durst to Larry Dean Durst, $0.

10286 WEXFORD CT, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); James Derk to Dilip Patel, Member, ShreeRam Real Estate LLC, $275,000.

2755 FUQUAY RD, NEWBURGH; Jeffrey R Moye to Howard E Peacock, II, $312,500.

4666 JOHNSON RD, BOONVILLE; Marlene L Cron to Chad M Pryor, $30,000.

6966 ROLLING LN, NEWBURGH; Scott M Settles to Holly C Gates Lamb, $234,900.

4901 LIVE OAK CT, NEWBURGH; William R Jagoe, IV, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Taylor B Grider, $172,000.

6855 MILLER LN, NEWBURGH; Jennifer Susan Fisher, Successor Co-Trustee, Kenneth A & Edna M Major Primary Trust to Scott M Settles, $300,000.

2222 LEDGEWOOD CT, NEWBURGH; Dennis Fuller to Chaz W Halsell, $382,000.

5444 ANDERSON RD, NEWBURGH; 5788 SHARON RD, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Zane Bogosian to Perry M Hayes, $330,000.

4000 WOODSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kent Weber to Dominic V Poggi, $485,000.

618 ST CATHERINE CT, NEWBURGH; Bruce E Utterback to Maria Rogers, $120,000.

4155 HARE CT, NEWBURGH; Lori J Hopf, Per Rep, Estate of Kathryn S Schitter to Shana A Evans, $164,900.

6610 HERITAGE DR, NEWBURGH; William Jagoe, IV, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Valentin Inzhirov, $115,000.

5751 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Jose N Gonzalez Reyes, $296,609.

5751 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Land Corp to Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc, $32,900.

7877 MEADOW LN, NEWBURGH; Kimberly J Billings to Kyle A & Leah Miller, $151,500.

1544 OLD PLANK RD, NEWBURGH; Jack C Cline, Per Rep, Estate of Jack M Cline to Mi K Han, $230,000.

800 W MAIN ST, BOONVILLE; Arthur Kyller, ATT Avon LLC to Frank Golden, The 2016 Frank & Sharon Golden Family Trust, $602,000.

4444 MEADOWBROOK LN, NEWBURGH; James A McKinney to Brandon Matthews, $150,000.

4344 MEADOWBROOK LN, NEWBURGH; Stephanie N Hatfield to Jordan K Rowe, $185,000.

5875 MILLERSBURG RD, BOONVILLE; Mark O Bosler to Brett Woolsey, $45,000.

7088 WEDGEWOOD DR, NEWBURGH; J Kenneth Merten, Member, Merten Properties LLC to Garold Q Edris, $ 372,500.

2322 BRIARCLIFF DR, NEWBURGH; Garold Q Edris to Anthony T Inzerello, III, $567,500.

124 E GUM ST, BOONVILLE; Marty Williams to Henry L Cotner, $96,000.

7677 MEADOW LN, NEWBURGH;Daniel Day to Emily Day, $0.

8211 OAK GROVE RD, NEWBURGH; Rebecca Deener to Keith Deener, $0.

1211 HUNTER BLVD, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Tara D Thacker to Andrew C

7944 OWENS DR. NEWBURGH; Julia Kovarm, Authorized Signer, The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David Darnell Adams, $130,000.

4585 FIELDCREST PLACE CIR, NEWBURGH; Vicki Lynn Wagner to Denis V Trofimenko, $ 265,000.

6176 GLENVIEW DR, NEWBURGH; Daniel P Hartz to Kent Weber, $216,000.

14650 N PETERSBURG RD, LYNNVILLE; Rita R Beckley to Brandon Beckley, $122,000.

303 E CHESTNUT ST, BOONVILLE; Jamie R McCrary to Steven R Pardue, $5,000.

12733 YELLOWBANKS TRAIL LOT 88N, DALE; Deborah K Stevens, Auditor, Warrick County Auditor to Wayne Greeson, Atty, Windgate Properties LLC, $529.

4568 SIERRA DR, BOONVILLE; Edward J Miltenberger to James William Kane, $167,000.

BELL RD, NEWBURGH; William Fredrick Winternheimer to Roger E Emmons, Warrick County Board of Commissioners, $8,950.

3399 BELL RD, NEWBURGH; Charles H Whitfield to Tricia D Deffendoll, $133,000.

2311 HOLBROOK DR, NEWBURGH; Oscar Eugene Sapp, Jr, to Lean C Van Koningsbruggen, $228,000.

6844 ROSEWOOD LN, NEWBURGH; Janet M Jenkins, Per Rep, Estate of Michael J Weissmann to James A McKinney, $235,000.

6277 ACADIA DR, NEWBURGH; Thomas Logan Nasseri to Brooke Elizabeth Nasseri, $0.

10383 REGENT CT, NEWBURGH; Scott E Albertson to Jane C Miller, $285,000.

807 TREELANE DR, NEWBURGH; Amir Etzjony, Realeztate LLC to Carole R Sparks, $170,000.

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