Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of Nov. 26, 2017:

7806 MIA CT., NEWBURGH; Doug Lewis, Member, Affordable Builders of Indiana, LLC to Vicki L Brasel, $260,450.

5879 BROOKSTONE DR., NEWBURGH; Anthony A. Bohn to John Utley, $269,900.

215 S. DELAWARE ST, CHANDLER; Deborah Stevens, Warrick County Auditor to Kenneth A Elliott, $5200.

1144 LOVERS LN., BOONVILLE; Bobby J. Nix to Richard L. Stover, $75,000.

3499 S PELZER RD., BOONVILLE; Edward Eugene Franz to Samantha Herron, $88,500.

2824 JACE LN., NEWBURGH; Stephen G. Spencer to Michael John Handshy, $245,000.

23 QUAIL CROSSING DR., BOONVILLE; Judith G. Mulzer to Caroline Catalina Barrueta Arribasplata, $74,800.

10888 STATE RD. 68, ELBERFELD; Alvetta Wallace to Greg Spaulding, $97,000.

6488 HWY. 66, NEWBURGH; W. Lester Howard to Thomas Wahoski, Manager, Old Dam Crossing LLC., $80,400.

5622 ST. CLARE DR., NEWBURGH; William K. Weidman, Jr., to Marc R. Huther, $276,500.

4367 MARTHA CT., NEWBURGH; Chad VanZilen, Managing Member, Van Zilen Enterprises LLC. to Hitesh Mohta, $325,500.

1966 LAKES EDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Doron H. Finn to Venkatesh R. Madadi, $520,000.

7149 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to William A. Smith, $174,130.

6144 LAUREL RIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Gregory A. Lehman to Richard J. Dempsey, $289,900.

417 WASHINGTON AVE., CHANDLER; 515 W WASHINGTON AVE, CHANDLER; 515 W. WASHINGTON AVE., CHANDLER; (6 Parcels); Marilyn J. Lackey to Kenneth A. Elliott, $40,000.

413 W. WASHINGTON AVE, CHANDLER; Marilyn J. Lackey to Kenneth A. Elliott, $20,000.

324 N. SECOND ST., BOONVILLE; Shahan Lee, Manager, Orange Reo II LLC. to Marty Williams, $10,000.

8915 COVENANT CT., NEWBURGH; Lucinda L. Steele to Jerald R Schultz, $161,900.

705 E. LAKE ST., BOONVILLE; Haley Nicole Leslie to Keith A Nunn, $114,500.

170 ELM ST., ELBERFELD; Jason Allan Epley to Kyle J. LaGrange, $139,000.

7884 TEAL CT., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc. to Laci Beasley, $17,000.

7804 TEAL CT., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc. to Shayna M. Dixon, $17,000.

456 MALLARD CIR., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc. to Rick Anthony Vanwinkle, $17,000.

7788 TEAL CT., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc. to Austin C. Chamlee, $17,000.

1166 OTTER CREEK DR, BOONVILLE; Randall K. Pemberton, Eby Road Properties Inc. to Ted Anthony Foster, $27,000.

9380 STATE RD. 161, DALE; Michael McIntyre to Michael Zaiser, Jr., $4000.

W. ST. RD. 68, LYNNVILLE; Pamela M. Siekman to David A. Spradling, Land Manager, American Land Holdings of Indiana LLC., $263,000.

CENTER RD., BOONVILLE; James M. Virgin to Chris Allen Daum, $150,000.

6388 SUMMIT POINTE WAY, NEWBURGH; Jill R. Lucy, Member, Maximus REI LLC. to Abigial Freeman, $117,750.

215 W MAIN ST., BOONVILLE; Lisa A. Byers to Anne Rust, $68,000.

104 NOTTINGHILL RD., CHANDLER; Randy Pruden to Megan Noe, $210,000.

3833 WILZBACHER RD., BOONVILLE; Larry E. McNeely to Marty R. Kemp, $170,000.

12822 YELLOWBANKS TRAIL, DALE; James H. Marshall to George R. Nord, $21,000.

6288 PHILLIPS RD., TENNYSON; Julia Kolarov, Authorized Signer, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Christopher R. Gorham, $40,007.

4630 MIRANDA DR., NEWBURGH; Mark A. McCamment to Alissa R. Bartenbach, $206,500.

1788 W COUNTRY RD., BOONVILLE; Jimmy R. Putnam to Thomas F. Schatz, $209,900.

7777 ASHWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Robert J. Wilkinson to Melissa D. Daugherty, $166,100.

8999 IDAHO DR., NEWBURGH; James L. Meredith to Susan Shepherd, $140,000.

6866 FERSTEL RD., NEWBURGH; Jessica L. Scott to Kelsey J. Simmons, $ 111,000.

417 S. FORREST AVE., BOONVILLE; Jeffrey Ben Freeman, Sr.. to Melanie M Fairchild, Fairchild Holdings LLC., $40,500.

2022 FUQUAY RD., NEWBURGH; Jonathan C Boyd to Jerry W. Hall, $269,500.

2022 BROWN CHAPEL RD., BOONVILLE; David Gresham to Kathryn M. Gresham, $0.

320 E. JENNINGS ST., NEWBURGH; (3 Parcels); Melissa R. Baker to Timothy T. Baker, $0.

EIGHTH ST., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Ruby M. Houghland to Rex B. Nuhring, $4,000.

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