2722 LAKEBROOK DR, NEWBURGH; Stephen L Foutty, Atty, Wintrust Mortgage to Alan W McEwan, Atty, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $0.

8488 YORKRIDGE #D CT, NEWBURGH; Lisa M Murray to April Hurst, $137,500.

120 W WILLIAMS ST, CHANDLER; Margaret R Williamson, Member, BC Evansville Housing LLC to Jordan Jackman, $50,000.

1218 N SECOND ST, BOONVILLE; Lorie A Eads to Jewell J Rodighiero, $106,500.

5933 GARDNER RD, CHANDLER; Stacy Leigh Singleton to Clinton Bryan Fodge, $145,000.

423 S THIRD ST, BOONVILLE; Mary W, PS Housing Evansville LLC to Gary W Roy, $41,000.

3709 ARBOR POINTE DR, NEWBURGH; Loretta Lightfoot to Barbara Hartman, $196,000.

5866 JEFFREY LN, NEWBURGH; Nathaniel W McGill to Michael S Gruner, $123,000.

1301 PARKWOOD, BOONVILLE; Brett Steele to Steven Andrew Byers, $193,200.

2799 CONESTOGA CT, NEWBURGH; Carol A Robinson to Matan Yona, $195,000.

10 N ROCKPORT RD, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Steven A Byers to Samuel Derossett, Sr, $155,000.

2699 S YANKEETOWN RD, BOONVILLE; Brenda J Spells & Jay D Baller to Jerome A Hollander, $43,000.

5807 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; J Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc to Will D Gross, $271,294.

5807 BROOKSTONE DR, NEWBURGH; J Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Land Corporation to J Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc, $32,900.

618 FRAME RD, NEWBURGH; Mary G Martin to Michael E McDonald, $ 155,000.

5800 BRYANNA CT, NEWBURGH; Dylan Brewer to Barry G Daniels, $204,000.

314 FIRST ST, LYNNVILLE; Phillip M Jones to Alan W Richey, $155,000.

ABELL LN, NEWBURGH; Michael L Conner to Randy Pruden, $27,500.

5991 RIVER WALK CIR, NEWBURGH; Don A Siekman to Brandon E Blanton, $117,000.

5356 MCCOOL RD, BOONVILLE; Joshua K Barnett to Brian Young, $14,500.

9300 EMILY CT, NEWBURGH; Donald E Long to Michael Edward Hill, $ 335,000.

8204 WYNTREE VILLAS DR, NEWBURGH; Michael L Brown, AIF, Jean M Church Revocable Family Trust to Susan K Krantz, $195,000.

8077 N BIRCH DR, NEWBURGH; Jennifer L Bradley to Barbara Mowbray, $175,000.

10377 DEVON CT, NEWBURGH; Christopher T Miller, Member, Barrington Custom Homes LLC to Crystal Lee Arnwine, $292,500.

1308 MAC RAY DR, BOONVILLE; Richard H Miller, II to Denise L Davis, $147,500.

10377 SHAWNEE DR, NEWBURGH; Victor Minoz, Nationstar Bank LLC to Paul Edward Postin, $141,500.

See Transfers/Page A5


from page a4

521 TAYLOR AVE, CHANDLER; Steven A Collins to Zackary Layne Hayes, $108,000.

209 SYCAMORE #B ST, NEWBURGH; Karen J Skinner, Asst Sec, The Bank of New York to Gongjun Yan, Member, AnyConn Realty LLC, $36,500.

1213 MAYFAIR DR, BOONVILLE; Rebecca Evans, Southern Indiana Investment Properties LLC to Tracie Nance, $134,500.

324 N SECOND ST, CHANDLER; William J Clark to Kevin S Smith, $144,000.

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