Warrick County property transfers for the week of Sept. 2, 2018:

610 E. LINCOLN AVE., CHANDLER; Candace Howard to Amber Dawn Detalente, $135,000.

2899 BELL RD., NEWBURGH; David Brian Lant to Randy Gary, $139,000.

6000 CYPRESS CT., NEWBURGH; Chad A. Dickens to Jeffrey A. Evans, $179,000.

317 GREEN VALLEY DR., CHANDLER; George C. Elliott, Jr. to Vernon E. Byers, Unique Properties of Southern Indiana LLC, $36,000.

4860 IMPERIAL DR., NEWBURGH; Robert A. Fortner to Wesley Orion Blanton, $167,000.

6822 RUSSELL PL., CHANDLER; Bryan Jacob Jackson to Anna C. Jackson, $138,000.

3800 CANTERBURY CT., NEWBURGH; Joyce A. Smith to Timothy A. Ash, $145,000.

204 CENTENNIAL DR., BOONVILLE; Evelyn Waithaka, AIF, US Bank Trust to Ronnie K. Pfingston, $14,000.

1034 JEFFERSON PARK DR., NEWBURGH; Steven J. Bugg to Denise L. Rexing, $575,000.

MCCLARY RD., TENNYSON; Connie S. Monks to Lucas Sermersheim, $80,000.

1922 HUNSAKER RD., BOONVILLE; Jeffrey C. Short to Laura R. Short, $129,500.

4800 ELIZABETH LN., NEWBURGH; Chad M. Dempsey to Carmen D. Sutton, $150,000.

1770 COVEY DR., BOONVILLE; Mary K. Duff Schwartz to Kristy C. Stutsman, $125,000.

7477 GARDNER RD., CHANDLER; Larry W. Cummings to John J. Purdy, $260,000.

417 N. FIRST ST., BOONVILLE; Evelyn H. Carter to Mark W. Carter, $12,000.

3031 PARADISE CIR., NEWBURGH; Barry Duncan to William Jagoe, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $203,000.

6177 GLACIER DR., NEWBURGH; Jack G. Womack to Craig Bohannon, Member, CKB Properties LLC, $99,500.

3103 MEGAN DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Senthilkumar Veeraraghavan, $249,048.

3102 MEGAN DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Blake C. Adler, $196,712.

8788 CAMELOT DR., NEWBURGH; Crystal K. Boyd to Emily Cole, $254,000.

919 PARKVIEW DR., BOONVILLE; Jessie E. Geurin to Penni Beckman, Member, K & P Homes LLC, $132,000.

4466 WYNBROOKE DR., NEWBURGH;Nancy Woolford, Co-trustee, Nancy Woolford Living Trust to Timothy S. Ponrathnam, $264,000.

915 E. MONROE, BOONVILLE; Michael A. Freeman, KMF Enterprises LLC to Elizabeth M. McCleland, $117,000.

1022 CENTER RD., BOONVILLE; (4 Parcels); Arthur Jay Heuring to Raymond J. Wongler, $235,000.

YELLOWBANKS LOT 26, DALE; Norman T. Jones, Jr., to Jacob Bean, $63,500.

4644 ESTATE DR., NEWBURGH; Chandrashekar Kumbar to Gregory Kehler, $434,000.

3922 ANDERSON RD., NEWBURGH; Timothy W. Crump, President, Southwest Indiana District Church of the Nazarene to Qamaruddoja Khan, Member, Modern Living LLC, $268,000.

8055 CLEARVIEW DR., NEWBURGH; Michael S. Fuerstenau to Karen Leigh Slepsky, $385,000.

588 W. STATE RD. 62, BOONVILLE; Mark D. Taylor to Jordan Michael Brown, $128,500.

3547 FORESTDALE DR., NEWBURGH; Annette E. Elpers, Secretary, Gen 3 Contracting Inc to Michael Babcock, $38,500.

324 W. JEFFERSON ST., CHANDLER; Michelle A. Childers to Ammer N. Arnold, $103,000.

8144 BROOKS RD., DALE; (2 Parcels); Joyce Sanders, Per Rep, Estate of Donald R. Melton to Brett L. Staub, $77,500.

5133 JAMESTOWN DR., NEWBURGH; Jonathan Negron to Lacey R. Madden, $97,200.

707 MCCOOL RD., CHANDLER; Karen Klippel Hardison, Per Rep, Estate of Kenneth K. Klippel to Steven A. King, $4,627.

823 S. SECOND ST., BOONVILLE; Janice Darnell Knight to Dusty M. Witter, $79,900.

906 N. WILLIAMS ST., BOONVILLE; Janet D. Brizius, Trustee to Sohan Lal Swarnkar, $50,000.

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