Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of Aug. 19, 2018:

5499 LEE ST., BOONVILLE; Nathan Wayne Williams to Henry Lunenburg, $15,000.

8566 FRAMEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; James Walter Hill to Stuart P. Strange, $296,000.

8322 CHESTNUT DR., NEWBURGH; Jason G. Thompson to Carlos A. Montoya, $178,000.

10188 AMBER CT., NEWBURGH; Kathryn E. Rowe to Shenae M. Rowe, $350,000.

377 KELLY RD., BOONVILLE; Joshua P. Dickman to Shawn D. Repphan, $87,000.

4411 SUMMERCREEK LN., NEWBURGH; Jason Brandon to Michelle Brandon, $0.

EBLE RD., BOONVILLE; Maureen G. Ford, Authorized Signer, Alcoa Warrick LLC to John R. Branson, $4,000.

855 NEW HOPE RD., BOONVILLE; Julia A. Hullett to Richard O. Hullett, $0.

6500 WOODLAND SPRINGS DR., NEWBURGH; Brett Mulzer to Joshua L. Frashure, $479,450.

6255 FIELDWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Nathan Ponder to Mark C. Schaefer, $470,000.

6291 KEVIN CT., NEWBURGH; Scott A. Toelle to Charles J. Dietrick, $243,000.

5233 ARCHES DR., NEWBURGH; Eugene Ray Bogan to Stephen C. Sparks, $149,500.

7114 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Matthew J. West, $197,647.

521 N EIGHTH ST., BOONVILLE; Rory Hyde, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Judy D. Lee, JDL Realty, LLC, $37,000.

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5566 SHERWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Keith A. Barton to Ethan A. Hancock, $210,000.

5577 BYERSON DR., NEWBURGH; BYERSON DR., NEWBURGH; BYERSON DR., NEWBURGH; (3 Parcels); Theodore F. Shelton, Jr to Daniel L. Streutker, $217,000.

110 WASHINGTON ST., NEWBURGH; Stephen B. Phillips to Benjamin W. Nicholson, $95,000.

2115 LONG COVE CIR., NEWBURGH; Jayzon Martonito to Margaret Merten, $495,000.

1059 LAKEFIELD DR., NEWBURGH; Joe Denton, Member, Denton Construction LLC to Joyce W. Hubbard, Joyce W. Hubbard Living Trust; $500,000.

6288 WOODMOORE CT., NEWBURGH; Matthew J. Taylor to Chris A. Combs, Member, CAC Construction Company LLC; $85,000.

8783 ANGEL DR., NEWBURGH; 8799 ANGEL DR., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Donnie Denton, CD Real Estate Development Inc. to James E. Mulzer, $150,000.

8591 ANGEL DR., NEWBURGH; Donnie Denton, CD Real Estate Development Inc. to Donne Denton, Denton Homes Inc, $60,000.

8677 CAYMAN CT., NEWBURGH; Donnie Denton, CD Real Estate Development Inc. to William K. Vinson, $80,000.

4448 MARTHA CT., NEWBURGH; Chad VanZilen, Van Development LLC to Chad VanZilen, VanZilen Enterprises LLC, $42,000.

6054 PEMBROOKE DR., NEWBURGH; Mark Jonathan Morland to Steven W. Kalesia, $457,000.

656 E WASHINGTON AVE., CHANDLER; Wanda Fark to Bill Winstead, Jr., $25,000.

5099 PROVIDENCE DR., NEWBURGH; Cory Worman to Travis Donberger, Still Meadow Properties LLC, $105,000.

10433 CRICKLEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Rodney D. Hunter to Amanda G. Holland, $186,000.

315 GRAY ST., NEWBURGH; Erin A. Duff to Kanav Kashyap, Member, Kashyap Properties LLC, $88,000.

4922 JAMESTOWN DR., NEWBURGH; Steven T. Dunlap to Anthony Leslie, $127,500.

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