Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of April 29, 2018:

5644 ST. CATHERINE CT., NEWBURGH; Lawrence Wade Wicker to Kurtis Browning, $144,000.

155 W. JEFFERSON AVE., CHANDLER; Irma C. Schmitt & Denise M. Porter & Nancy A. Heald to Bradley M McKinney, $65,500.

7980 ALEXANDRA LN., NEWBURGH; Margaret R. Williamson, SVP, PS Evansville Housing LLC. to Jeremy G. Soper, $115,000.

9355 WARRICK TRAIL, NEWBURGH; Patricia J. Martino, Trustee, Julia L. Euler Land Trust Agreement dated 12/30/80 to Art Wilson, Authorized Signer, HealthSouth/Deaconess LLC, $1,650,000.

2808 PEARCE POINT, NEWBURGH; Dustin C. Smith to Jordan D. Dant, $184,900.

966 ROCKPORT RD., BOONVILLE; Sheila D. Gemlich, Trustee, Sheila D. Gemlich Revocable Living Trust to Edward L. Singleton, $87,000.

6406 PARADISE CT., NEWBURGH; Jesse G. Davis to Daniel T. Holland, $335,000.

601 ROSE DR., NEWBURGH; ROSE DR., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Mike Whetstine, Rose Products LLC., $108,752.

411 S. FIRST AVE., BOONVILLE; Kristy Powell to Brian L. Millard, $65,000.

10481 WATERFORD PL., NEWBURGH; J. Michael Milligan to Rhett D. Gonterman, $383,000.

6800 HOLLY DR., NEWBURGH; Bobby Porter to Aaron R. Black, $225,000.

109 DRIFTWOOD LN., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, Driftwood Development LLC. to Richard K. Wyatt, $280,000.

7888 VANN RD., NEWBURGH; Richard Keith Garner, Per Rep., Estate of Paul F. Garner to Martin D. Bourgeois, III, $125,000.

833 MT. GILEAD RD., BOONVILLE; Frederick G. Rumpke to Patty J. Rumpke, $5,000.

755 SQUARE DEAL MINE RD., BOONVILLE; Ronald Nelson Page to Ronald Evans, $25,000.

8822 ARCADIA DR., NEWBURGH; Julia Kay Mann to Eddie Postin, $132,000.

4924 LIVE OAK CT., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Janice Kathleen Farley, $180,577.

165 FIRST ST., ELBERFELD; Scott Schaar to John J. Thompson, $159,000.

7709 PAIGE DR., NEWBURGH; Jack C. Cline to Adam G. Daywalt, $238,000.

7544 BROADVIEW DR., NEWBURGH; Pamela S. Briere to Eric Joseph DeMotte, $134,800.

6377 VENICE DR., NEWBURGH; Jeaneen Chandler, Doc Control Officer, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Kyle M. Messersmith, $230,000.

8285 WYATT CT., NEWBURGH; Annette E. Elpers, Assistant Manager, SpringHaven LLC. to Joshua D. Schnell, $41,500.

5713 KENWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Debra A. Bright to Larry Richard Elliott, $125,000.

2399 SMITH RD., BOONVILLE; SMITH RD., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Dorothy J. Martin to Michael W. Heuring, $100,000.

713 TREELANE DR., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Jamie Batton, Heirs at Law of Jeanne Batton to Darrin E. Broshears, $110,000.

4288 COUNTY LINE RD., EVANSVILLE; Jeffrey Allen Hein to Dawn Y. Taylor, Agent, SBA Properties LLC., $160,000.

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