Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of Dec. 24, 2017:

4377 WALNUT DR., NEWBURGH; Jeff Murdoch to Adam C. Glass, $169,900.

5386 EPWORTH RD. NEWBURGH, Philip R. Peach to Ronald W. Haertling, $10.

5388 EPWORTH RD., NEWBURGH; Philip R. Peach to Ronald W. Haertling, $324,990.

BETHANY CHURCH RD., NEWBURGH; Sarah A. McBride to Spencer Charlton, $55,500.

325 SOUTHLANE DR, ELBERFELD; Andrew Lutz to Tristan D. Abell, $90,000.

300 N. MAIN ST., LYNNVILLE; Jamie Herr to Joy Hatcher, $73,500.

214 OAK ST., LYNNVILLE; Ashley Williams to Jamie Herr, $106,500.

7125 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Amy Jo Smith, $181,453.

912 N. FIRST ST, BOONVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Larry Lillpop, Oaktree Investments LLC, $34,791.

1421 OLD ROCKPORT RD., BOONVILLE; Johnna May, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase Bank to Ronald J. Evans, Premier Investments LLP., $36,150.

8388 GOLDEN DR., NEWBURGH; GOLDEN DR, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels) Denise D. Desjardin to Donald Joe Sisco, $145,000.

515 FOURTH ST., ELBERFELD; Matthew E. Engelhardt to Jason M. Gowers, $164,400.

605 STATE ST., NEWBURGH; Roger D. Simpson to Tyler Hinds, TEAD Development LLC., $172,500.

1318 E WALNUT ST., BOONVILLE; Rodney A. Nicholson to Colton R. Heuring, $96,000.

444 MANGER RD., BOONVILLE; Mark & Cindy Warren to Troy B. Adams, $75,000.

628 PARKVIEW DR., BOONVILLE; Charles R. Powers to Melinda J. Ensley, $135,000.

2000 UNION DR., NEWBURGH; Daryl W. Mottley to Angela L. Harwell, $145,000.

4772 MARBLE DR., NEWBURGH; Dean M. Perry to Joel M. Kleinhen, $188,700.

10900 WEST ENGLISH CT., NEWBURGH; Matthew C. Stricklen to Justice M. Goeken, $162,500.

7577 RIDGEMONT DR., NEWBURGH; William Dale Rouse to Dean Perry, $170,000.

4325 WYNBROOKE CT, NEWBURGH; Rolando Macias to Yasser Alhenawi, $252,000.

1922 OLDE MILL CT., NEWBURGH; Barbara S. Dietsch to Paula Carpenter, $312,500.

3400 MONTGOMERY LN., NEWBURGH; Linda G. Croce to Louis S. Croce, $164,500.

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