Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of Feb. 11, 2018:

2200 BRIARCLIFF DR., NEWBURGH; Chris H. Buente to Mindy L. Buente, $0.

1015 N. ANN ST, BOONVILLE; Gary Wayne Meredith to Terry Phillippe, President, Boonville Now Inc, $7,000.

2744 LIBBERT RD., NEWBURGH; Shawn E. Long to Dylan A. Logsdon, $147,500.

4911 RICHMOND DR.. NEWBURGH; Tammy L. Woods to Jennifer Braden, Newburgh Properies LLC, $183,500.

5533 LAKESIDE DR., NEWBURGH; Scott Garth Jordan to Thomas B. Latham, $270,000.

6099 BRAMBLE WOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Albert B Drake, III, to Ryan Shutts, $310,000.

10366 TITZER RD., CHANDLER; Sheila M. Murphy to Timothy S. Swickard, $464,900.

2188 W NEW HARMONY RD., BOONVILLE; Donna J. Boyer to Thomas C. Gossett, Jr, $175,000.

318 MALLARD CIR., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc to Makayla L. Williams, $17,000.

462 MALLARD CIR., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc. to Cory Ytzen, $17,000.

324 MALLARD CIR., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc. to Ronni RaeBeth Dunlap, $17,000.

10055 HEIM RD., CHANDLER; Stewart hillips, Manager, A & P Properties to Michael D. B. Lemmons, $140,000.

8466 NOLIA LN., NEWBURGH; Chris Combs, 2400 Green River Investments LLC. to Chris Combs, CAC Development Company LLC, $28,000

8466 NOLIA LN., NEWBURGH; Chris Combs, CAC Development Company LLC. to Devin E. Allen, $230,000.

5211 ST. RD. 62 E., TENNYSON; Sherri M. Stafford Ausbrooks to Andrew M. Gurren, $115,000.

8310 YORKRIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Kelly Poett, Modern Homes LLC. to Brian Anthony Poett, $200,000.

1417 ROCKPORT RD., BOONVILLE; Billy McNeely to Kenneth C. Belwood, $85,000.

7665 OAK GROVE RD., NEWBURGH; Joseph J. Schitter to Terry W. Dayvolt, $50,000.

5811 RICELAND DR., NEWBURGH; Brittany J. Maggi to Leah K. Hahn, $190,000.

10399 SHAWNEE DR., NEWBURGH; Leah K. Hahn to Steven W. Phipps, $171,271.

705 ROSE DR., NEWBURGH; Margaret T. Steele to Jack A. Eckart, $95,000.

4200 HARE CT, NEWBURGH; Russell F. Pierce to Lynzee L. Gentry, $129,900.

3055 LIMESTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to William Paul Ray, $290,312.

3055 LIMESTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Land Corporation to Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc., $31,900.

9299 MILLICENT CT., NEWBURGH; Olivia Kinsler to Kusum Solanki, $250,000.

411 S. EIGHTH ST., BOONVILLE; Victor Naar, Manager, Castlerock 2017 LLC. to Charles R Wyatt, Mayor, City of Boonville, $11,000.

313 S EIGHTH ST., BOONVILLE; Melissa M. Kaiser to Penni Beckman, Member, K & P Homes LLC., $35,000.

5788 CLIFTMEERE DR., NEWBURGH; Kenneth E Jacobs, Co Trustee to Zachary A. Knies, $38,500.

715 WILSON SQUARE, ELBERFELD; Aaron S. Conner to Kristin G. George, $94,500.1

8059/8055 ALEXANDRA LN., NEWBURGH; Michael Martin to Deanna Summers, OOW Properties LLC., $227,000.

108 DEER RUN LN., LYNNVILLE; Reed Michael Faith to David A. Spradling, Land Manager, American Land Holdings of Indiana LLC., $751,000.

10666 MONTICELLO DR., NEWBURGH; Roger Vasquez, REO Manager, NRZ REO VI-B LLC. to Casey Spray, Sole Member, Cornerstone Capital LLC., $119,679.

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