Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of Sept. 30, 2018:

434 PEACH ST., LYNNVILLE; OAK LN., LYNNVILLE; (4 Parcels); Kameran L. Frantz to Bryan Ellerbruck, $165,000.

419 N. THIRD ST., BOONVILLE; Arthur G. Cummins to Robert C. Loewen, $105,000.

2331 JULIANNE CIR., NEWBURGH; Brandon R. Roop to Jeffrey A. Starkey, $449,000.

7277 NOTTINGHAM DR., NEWBURGH; Scott E. Baker to Cheyenne Renee Tempel, $247,000.

6129 PEMBROOKE DR., NEWBURGH; Laura Burch to David M. Hirschi, III, $49,900.

625 S. VILLAGE SQ., ELBERFELD; Scott Dowers to Rachel L. Veeck, $114,500.

4100 PINE DR., NEWBURGH; David T. Shaw to Nicholas J. Merkley, $175,000.

1044 YANKEETOWN RD., BOONVILLE; Conrad Stribakos, Document Contol Offiver, US Bank to Adam C. Richter, $35,000.

323 SYCAMORE ST., NEWBURGH; Carol Jane Newnum, Co-Trustee, Jane Newnum Wilhite Trust to Jacob A. Jones, $10,000.

303 N. SECOND, BOONVILLE; Ryan P. Armes to Michael Work, $151,000.

12733 YELLOWBANKS TRAIL LOT 50S, DALE; Kathy J. Pierce to John William Kemp, Jr., $10,500.

7299 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Sallye Ann Kirby to Evan T. Mand, $134,375.

7444 OAKLAWN DR., NEWBURGH; Lukas D. Stern to Jason W. Maday, $135,000.

6299 WOODMOORE CT., NEWBURGH; Kara J. Combs, Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Kara J. Combs IR to William R. Farnsworth, $90,000.

447 OLD PETERSBURG RD., LYNNVILLE; Anthony K. Baehl, Member, Baehl Properties LLC to Ervin Eugene Quinn, $85,000.

2644 LAKEBROOK DR., NEWBURGH; Clyde Likens to Andrew T. Johnson, $236,000.

4986 PROVIDENCE DR., NEWBURGH; Vladimir S. Tonchev to Julia Tonchev, $0.

4986 PROVIDENCE DR., NEWBURGH; Julia Tonchev, to Alexey V. Popov, Member, Popov Properties LLC, $65,000.

6900 OAKMONT CT., NEWBURGH; Will D. Gross to Tasia Lynn Phillips, $141,500.

6409 WOODLAND SPRINGS DR., NEWBURGH; Janice K. Ernest to Marc J. Florence, $695,000.

10077 BOURBON ST., NEWBURGH; Jeanne Pemberton to Beverly Jo Tallent, $114,900.

211 OAK LN., LYNNVILLE; OAK LN., LYNNVILLE; (2 Parcels); Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to David Goldenberg, $25,000.

1666 STEVENSON STATION RD., CHANDLER; Susan Christy, Asst VP, JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. to Christopher N. Valentine, $22,500.

300 W. FIRST ST., LYNNVILLE; Daniel L. Streutker to Ryan Wittenbraker, $278,500.

11 RIVER BEND CT., NEWBURGH; Larry Overton to Lorin Mickelsen, $277,500.

2906 ALEX CT., NEWBURGH; Tiffani Talbert to Dhruvin N. Mehta, $235,000.

1770 AUTUMN DR., BOONVILLE; Reginald L. Quates, High Country Properties LLC to Betty K. Brandenburg, $131,500.

8766 FRAMEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Patricia Denton Stocks to Glen S. Elkins, $166,005.

10338 BARRINGTON PL., NEWBURGH; Jeffery A. France to Kevin K. Trice, $380,000.

4377 HILLDALE DR., NEWBURGH; Stephen C. Sparks to Carole R. Sparks, $0.

577 MAURER RD., BOONVILLE; Gerald R. Greenlee to Margaret J. Alley, $115,000.

50 MAIN ST., ELBERFELD; Drew M. Sellers to Joshua Swetland, $145,000.

110 E. MAIN ST., BOONVILLE; 4TH ST., BOONVILLE; N. FOURTH ST., BOONVILLE; (3 Parcels); Tracy C. Weber to Tyler E. Neff, Manager, LDT Management LLC, $51,000.

7150 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to James R. Harr, $183,105.

66 MORNING DOVE LN., BOONVILLE; Randolph W. Zahn to Walter A. Lambert, $399,900.

2299 BROWN CHAPEL RD., BOONVILLE; Lewis W. Cummins to Alfred M. Lindsey, $242,000.

3102 CAPSTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Homer Eton Mcadoo to Lukas D. Stern, $235,900.

6311 WOODMOORE CT., NEWBURGH; Clint Tenbarge to Kara J. Combs, Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Kara J. Combs, I, $85,000.

4795 FIELDCREST PLACE CIR., NEWBURGH; Ronald McBride to Thomas J. Williams, Jr., $270,000.

4595 FIELDCREST PLACE CIR., NEWBURGH; Toby D. Phillips to Felipe Amaral Duarte Quirino, $299,900.

1944 PELZER RD., BOONVILLE; R. Guy Gentry to Jeffery A. France, $299,000.

5022 E. TIMBERWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Noah Childers to Ashley N. Smith, $200,000.

9796 ARBOR LAKE DR., NEWBURGH; Marc McNamara to Cathy A. Graper, $180,000.

101 DRIFTWOOD LN., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, Driftwood Development LLC to David Heisler, $339,575.

1004 S. SECOND ST., BOONVILLE; Barbara J. Carter to Joshua Alvin Retter, $147,000.

91 ST. RD. 261, BOONVILLE; John A. Mullins to John A. Mullins, $0.

277 GENEVA WAY, BOONVILLE; Elaine K. Trafton to R. Guy Gentry, $195,000.

4822 GRIMM RD., NEWBURGH; Hiero Alaaddin Fadheel to Ronald A. McGillem, Manager, R. A. McGillem Custom Homes LLC, $281,473.

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