Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of June 3, 2018:

3133 NESTER HILL RD., NEWBURGH; John E. Friend, Trustee, Irrevocable Income Only Trust of Wendell B. Chapman to Jeffrey Wayne Clark, $85,000.

5800 FERSTEL RD., NEWBURGH; Kevin J. Kaiser & Kenneth W. Kaiser to Owen R. Reeves, $219,500.

233 GEMLICH RD., BOONVILLE; Ellen E. Conner to William App, III, $30,000.

STATE RD. 68, DALE; David Moesner to Monica Neff, Right of Way Buyer, Indiana Department of Transportation; $1,950.

E. MARY ST., CHANDLER; Ronald Evans to Doris Pauline Postin, $2,000.

1533 HEWINS RD., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Stephani King to Chad Michael King, $0.

119 ALEXANDRIA DR., NEWBURGH; Samuel R. Tanoos to Ariana Tanoos, $175,000.

401 W. MADISON AVE., CHANDLER; Ashley M. Wright to Stewart A. Eunice, $120,900.

2150 CHADWICK DR., NEWBURGH; Christopher A. Combs, Vice President, CD Real Estate Development Inc. to Christopher A. Combs, Member, CAC Development Company LLC., $55,000.

113 N. FOURTH ST., NEWBURGH; Daniel J. Bayer to Kegan D. Adams, $81,000.

3042 LIMESTONE CT., NEWBURGH; J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Land Corporation to J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc., $31,900.

3043 LIMESTONE CT., NEWBURGH; J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Land Corporation to J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc., $31,900.

10733 BROOKSIDE DR., NEWBURGH; Kenneth Robert Swain to David Alexander Branch, $150,000.

5266 YANKEETOWN RD., BOONVILLE; Darlene M. Bushart to Steven T. Bushart, $0.

4366 WYNBROOKE DR., NEWBURGH; Kathleen A. Motyka to Michael A. Iubelt, $276,500.

5900 MARTIN RD., NEWBURGH; Jerome A. Hollander to Joseph Parton, $259,900.

4400 FOXMOOR DR., NEWBURGH; Charles R. Ison to Peter Suhrheinrich Wulff, $237,500.

200 FUQUAY RD., CHANDLER; (2 Parcels); Cheryl L. Litsey to Todd R. Litsey, $0

6922 FOLSOMVILLE RD., TENNYSON; Michael A. Wilson to Jonathan D. Bruner, $25,000.

601 E. GOUGH AVE., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Christopher Granderson to David Granderson, $43,000.

6311 GARDNER RD., CHANDLER; (3 Parcels); Charles E. Welte to Nicholas P. Welte, $285,000.

1039 OLD PLANK RD., CHANDLER; Jared Michel Thomas, Appointed Commissioner Jonathan L. Warlick to Heather Love Keown, $0.

9884 COVE POINT CT., NEWBURGH; Thomas W. Johnson to Lindsey L. Johnson, $125,500.

2654 FUQUAY RD., NEWBURGH; Kris D. Glaser to Constance J. Weber, $168,000.

8133 N. LARCH PL., NEWBURGH; Judson Mickle to Matthew D. Jenkins, $154,000.

7755 ALANTON PARK DR., NEWBURGH; Meredith A. Folsom to Edward J. Saiko, $168,500.

5288 OAKWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Tricia L. Burton to John S. Emerson, $187,500.

4033 RIDGETOP CT., NEWBURGH; Susan E. Leasure to Dale A. Fuesting, $0.

7700 MAELYN CT., NEWBURGH; Brent A. Holweger, Member, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC to Marsha B. Stowe, $251,750.

804 MAIN ST., BOONVILLE; HWY. 62 W., BOONVILLE; ST. RD 62, BOONVILLE; (3 Parcels); James T. Eissler, Per Rep, Meyer Property Group LLC. to Ben Hamd, $375,000.

5733 BYERSON DR., NEWBURGH; Nellie M. Schlachter to Richard E. Joiner, Jr., $305,000.

3054 LIMESTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Andrew J. Collins, $216,299.

6268 FIELDWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Mark F. Cox to Michelle King, $679,000.

7767 MARYWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Vicki S. Doty, Trustee, Vicki S. Doty Revocable Family Trust to Angela Kay Beard, $189,900.

521 E. MARY ST., CHANDLER; Deborah Stevens, Auditor, Warrick County Auditor to Hugo E. Teller, Manager, Make Evansville Great Again LLC., $3,207.

521 N. SEVENTH ST., BOONVILLE; Nancy Santillan, Closing Coordinator, JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. to Shannon Kazi to $29,500.

155 ELLIOTT DR., CHANDLER; Terry L. Turner to Ryan M. Fisher, $165,000.

120 E. LIBERTY ST, BOONVILLE; David W. Jenkins to Dustin C. Jones, $79,000.

2244 EAGLEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Robert D. Krantz to Anthony W. Barron, $255,000.

10844 W. STATE ROAD 68, ELBERFELD; Raymond L. Lamey to David Rankin, $102,000.

1622 SQUARE DEAL MINE RD., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); David B. Dean to Darrel E. Hoover, $344,500.

5689 SHARON RD., NEWBURGH; Manish Malhotra to Robert L. Mabrey, $267,000.

7399 TYRING RD., NEWBURGH; Gary R. Gilles to Rebecca S. Gilles, $0.

7078 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Daniel Buck, Oak Park Development LLC. to J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc., $26,325.

7066 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Daniel Buck, Oak Park Development LLC. to J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc., $26,325.

7233 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Daniel Buck, Oak Park Development LLC. to J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc., $26,325.

7114 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Daniel Buck, Oak Park Development LLC. to J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc., $26,325.

7138 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Daniel Buck, Oak Park Development LLC to J. Scott Jagoe, Jagoe Homes Inc., $26,325.

8011 MEADOW LN., NEWBURGH; Brian S. Neff to Tracy Ann Baker, $180,000.

140 DRIFTWOOD LN., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, President, Driftwood Development LLC. to Louis W. Watkins, $48,500.

STATE RD 161, DALE; (2 Parcels); Clyde J. King to David A & Shanna L. Smith, $13,500.

7833 WOODLAND DR., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Kenneth M. Bonhotal to Jacob A. Grear, $274,900.

177 QUAIL CROSSING, BOONVILLE; Larry D. Byers to James L. Kapp, Jr, $23,000.

8399 PAULIE DR., NEWBURGH; Hilary Williams to Zahoor Ismail, $148,000.

6700 OLD STONEHOUSE DR., NEWBURGH; John Rauch to William J. Laine, $499,000.

8344 POPLAR DR., NEWBURGH; Nathan Theiring to Dustin W. Lilja, $187,500.

417 JENNINGS ST., NEWBURGH; William L. Felts to Claudette Branson, $125,000.

8444 TELEPHONE RD., NEWBURGH; Eric L. McMichael to Heather D. Zehner-Johnson, $168,500.

7211 OAK GROVE RD., NEWBURGH; Karen S. Mehling to Charles R. Embrey, III, $172,500.

4044 EBENEZER RD., TENNYSON; Tim Greenberg to Neal A. Bogan, $205,000.

QUAIL CROSSING, BOONVILLE; Stephen H. Loewenkamp to Kevin Ayscue, Manager, GSA Properties LLC., $17,000.

6188 THORNBURY CIR., NEWBURGH; Nurahmed Mohammed to Michael Carter, SVP, First Federal Savings Bank, $15,000.

3188 RAINTREE DR., NEWBURGH; James R. Macare to Richard K. Brown, $370,000.

6958 CRESCENT DR., CHANDLER; Mark Whetstine, Member, Dusty Trail LLC. to Nathan Long, $105,100.

710 N. SEVENTH ST., BOONVILLE; Randall Keith Wallace to Randall Keith Wallace, $80,000.

517 INDERRIEDEN RD., CHANDLER; David John Loughrie to Kenneth Elliott, $104,000.

8200 PAULIE DR., NEWBURGH; Rustin Bargo to Timofiy V. Mazhnyy, $187,000.

5755 FIESTA DR., NEWBURGH; Sherry S. Hancock to Robert Chad Mayden, Jr., $182,000.

5566 IRONWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Kevin K. Johnson to Steven W. Cassidy, $300,000.

1955 BELL RD., CHANDLER; Timothy Hopper to Eugene Hall, $109,140.

2132 LONG COVE CIR., NEWBURGH; Rebecca Morris to Michael P. Tiernan, $340,000.

5961 BRYANNA CT., NEWBURGH; Anthony W. Esparza to Adam R. Massey, $205,000.

2166 UNION DR., NEWBURGH; Rodney Nicholson to Manuel A. Lopez, $232,000.

3233 STATE RD 68 E., TENNYSON; Fidel Ramirez to Todd Powers, $45,000.

8366 SHORE DR., NEWBURGH; Larry S. Bradshaw to Manish Malhotra, $480,000.

306 SYCAMORE ST., NEWBURGH; Roger Kroeger, Member, Rogeron Properties LLC. to Tyler L Kroeger, $44,000.

6066 GLACIER DR., NEWBURGH; Zerrick M. Jensen, Member, Trickett Properties LLC. to Kathryn Granderson, $152,000.

304 OAK ST., LYNNVILLE; Joshua P. Merkel to Michael A. Payton, $87,000.

6811 LEXINGTON DR., NEWBURGH; Stephen Anthony Shelton to Johnathan P. Henderson, $139,500.

10233 OUTER LINCOLN AVE., NEWBURGH; Kenneth E. McWilliams to Bobbie R. Trail, $226,000.

8622 RUFFIAN LN., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Marc D. Fine, Manager, Fine Realty LLC. to Jenny Zhang, Manager, KZ Newburgh LLC., $883,000.

923 S. THIRD ST., BOONVILLE; James Dennis Brown to Cathy J. Roettger, $88,000.

312 MALLARD CIR., CHANDLER; Katherine Epperson to Markus W. Nussmeier, $145,000.

8088 MARYWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Norman C. Fischer, Jr., AIF, The Margaret K. Fischer Trust to Morgan Flagler, $150,000.

1301 PARKWOOD, BOONVILLE; Sheryl J. Wildt to Brett Steele, $188,000.

10199 POWERS DR., NEWBURGH; Vicki L. Brown to Brett Coplea, $129,500.

1781 SYCAMORE HOLLOW DR., NEWBURGH; Janet L. Richard to Shawn M Norris, $641,000.

2866 BRIARCLIFF DR., NEWBURGH; Marion B. Paul to William Folsom, $237,000.

4422 KIMWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Shawn M. Norris to Jenna M. Lindauer, $538,000.

8599 HANOVER DR, NEWBURGH; Morgan L. Flagler to Zachary Alan Govert, $165,000.

8960 COVENANT CT., NEWBURGH; Andrew N. Guagenti to Russell Todd Jenney, $158,000.

6277 SUMMIT POINTE WAY, NEWBURGH; Brooke E. Berry to Katherine A Robertson, $141,500.

8066 WYNGATE CIR., NEWBURGH; Margaret A. Merten to Mark W. Burris, $955,000.

5622 SPRING CORNER RD., NEWBURGH; Ronnie D. George to Jonathan P. Hogan, $195,000.

246 LES DR., CHANDLER; Jeremy M. Wilson to Lori A. Myers, $135,000.

7700 HEIM RD., CHANDLER; Janice Kathleen Farley to Alex J. Berg, $224,000.

4211 GRIMM RD., NEWBURGH; Robert Byron Grimm to Steve K. Horvic, Manager, Newburgh Assisted Living LLC., $750,000.

6288 FIELDWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Michael Butterfield to Phillip Edward Richardson, $635,000.

1310 HELEN CT. BOONVILLE; Jerry L. Aigner to Ronald L. Tubbs, $25,000.

4211 STONEGARDEN LN., NEWBURGH; Julie A. Wolowitz to Jeremy D. Russelburg, $209,900.

5565 ST. CLARE DR., NEWBURGH; Nurahmed Mohammed to Ronald Houghton, $38,000.

2277 ST. RD. 61 N., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Jennifer L. Brown to Brandi N. Brown, $60,000.

1770 AUTUMN DR., BOONVILLE; Daron A. Sprinkle to Reginald L. Quakes, High Country Properties LLC., $49,000.

7088 WEDGEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Alireza Khakbaznejad to Margaret Merten, $362,500.

7388 LENN LN., NEWBURGH; Neil A. Forler to Joseph L. Eckerman, $87,500.

7199 WEDGEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Thomas C. Radle to Teresa R. Schmitt, NP Dodge JR Trustee, $415,000.

7199 WEDGEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Teresa R. Schmitt, NP Dodge Jr. Trustee to George Woodward, $415,000.

8697 OUTER LINCOLN AVE., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Gary N. Carson to Marilyn F. Johnson, $175,000.

10367 BARRINGTON PL., NEWBURGH; William Hubiak to Nicholas J. Hubiak, $335,000.

70 MAIN ST., ELBERFELD; Lynda G. Glover to Matthew W. Collins, $30,000.

1047 JEFFERSON CT., NEWBURGH; Edward B. Anderson to John L. Pickens, $52,500.

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