Warrick County Property Transfers for week of Oct. 15, 2017:

1111 EBLE RD., BOONVILLE; Daniel R. Blunk to Laura K Schaad, $0.

518 S. SEVENTH ST., BOONVILLE; Jerry B. Ellison to Kevin A Henderson, $7,000.

10381 REGENT CT., NEWBURGH; Michael P. Wood to Barbara A. Hicks, $295,000.

1099 NORTHWOOD DR., BOONVILLE; Jeremy J. Crochet to William Cody Lile, $109,900.

10311 MEADOWLARK HILL RD., CHANDLER; Alanna M. Feldbusch to Michael J. Feldbusch, $10,000.

510 N. SECOND ST., BOONVILLE; Lynn A. Hendrickson to Angela E. Hoffman, $82,000.

HILLSGATE DR., NEWBURGH (3 Parcels); James LG Schrodt to Michael W. Wilson, $20,000.

2833 MEGAN DR., NEWBURGH; Robert P. Niehaus to Andrew E. Carpenter, $298,000.

611 E LIBERTY ST., BOONVILLE; Justin A. Perry to Jaclyn M. Jones, $87,500.

7555 RIDGEBROOK CT., NEWBURGH; Martin R. Noland to Michael R. Bryan, $249,800.

4377 SANDRA KAY LN., NEWBURGH; Robert D. Taylor to Ryan C. Eagleson, $226,000.

2566 KEYSTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Timothy C. Williams to Clay Williams, $112,000.

509 N GRANT ST., CHANDLER; Nicholas C. Scales to Mickey Ray Miller, $117,000. 525 E NORTH ST., BOONVILLE; Jason D Scales to Jonathan Haywood, $94,900.

4930 PENROSE DR., NEWBURGH; Jason K. Southwell to Sherri L. Booher, $157,000.

8055 COVINGTON CT., NEWBURGH; Robert J Brown, Per Rep, The Estate of Jerome F. Brown to Janice E Arnold, $182,500.

1303 S. FIRST ST., BOONVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Brian K. Tekulve, Atty., JP Morgan Chase Bank, $92,300.

1421 OLD ROCKPORT RD., BOONVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Rose K. Kleindl, Atty, JP Morgan Chase Bank, $29,820.

6811 DAVID DR, CHANDLER; Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Matthew L. Foutty, Atty,The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, $47,747.

8499 CHESTNUT DR, NEWBURGH; Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Samer S. Zabaneh, Atty, Wells Fargo Bank, $90,000.

305 N. PHELPS DR, NEWBURGH; Debra D. Alldredge to Jeremy Wood, $69,000.

1411 LOVERS LN, BOONVILLE (4 Parcels); Michael Mullen to Vadim Medvedev, $11,000.

7666 BRIAR CT., NEWBURGH; Scott A Bosma to Jamie W. Ford, $255,000.

5481 BROMPTON DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Debra Kreilein, $319,982.

5766 RICELAND DR., NEWBURGH; David Rice, The Fern Rice Revocable Living Trust to Andrew Jones, $174,900.

518 N SEVENTH ST., BOONVILLE; JoAnn Lance to Brian K. Allen, $34,000.

1003 STATE ROAD 662, NEWBURGH (2 Parcels); Stephen G. Barker, CEO, Freedom Energy LLC. to Dr. Michael J Dukes, $475,000.

5847 RIVER WALK CIR., NEWBURGH; Daniel Lee Siebe to Francis L. Ridge, $114,500.

3288 BLUE WATER CT. NEWBURGH; Earl H. Powers to Katherine Hawkins, $427,500.

5144 VIRGINIA DR., NEWBURGH; Rebecca R. Gallagher, Co. Trustee, to Jaime N. Shiver, $105,000.

5355 IRONWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; Scott W. Brown to Marvin L. Briscoe, $260,000.

204 W LOCUST ST., BOONVILLE; Gary W. Neal, Warrick Publishing Co. Inc. to Gary W Neal, GWN Properties LLC, $12,000.

7788 RIDGEMONT DR., NEWBURGH; James E. Stewart to David S. Alexander, $168,000.

8411 COUNTRYWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Steven P. Smith to Levon G. Clements, $179,900.

777 MT GILEAD RD., BOONVILLE; Marty L Simon to Gene A. Gott, $239,000.

10699 CRICKLEWOOD DR., NEWBURGH; James E. Appel to Jennifer L. Head, $136,500.

7966 LAKE TERRACE CT., NEWBURGH; Jancy Pottanat to Nick R. Owens, $445,000.

3733 E. ST. RD 68, TENNYSON; Charles D. Scales, Jr. Successor Per Rep, Estate of Jack Barr to Johanna Leslie, $80,000.

8700 BLESCH CIR., ELBERFELD; Jerry L. Aigner, President, Hornet Hills Sub to Samuel T. Belcher, $20,000.

129 CARLISLE CT., CHANDLER; Scott A. Witham to Kathryn D Garrett, $87,900.

see transfers/page A5

1600 STONEHAVEN CIR., BOONVILLE (2 Parcels); Dina Biggins, Biggins Construction Inc. to Matthew D Stevens, $113,000.

4022 HARE CT., NEWBURGH; Thomas L. Ashby to Tyler Schickel, $125,000.

2845 MEGAN DR., NEWBURGH; Laura J. Wasson to Shannon Barbour, $187,000.

688 SQUARE DEAL MINE RD., BOONVILLE; Yvette D. Malilay, Atty. in Fact, ARLP SECURITIZATION TRUST to Yvette D. Malilay, Atty. in Fact, ARNS, Inc, $10.

217 S. IOWA ST., CHANDLER; Julie L. Speicher to Dale Speicher, $0.

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