Warrick County Property Transfers for the week of Feb. 4, 2018:

6338 WOODLAND SPRINGS, NEWBURGH; Dr. Patrick Gottfried to Edward Neal Anderson, $69,500.

5266 ELLERBUSCH RD., NEWBURGH; David A. Boyle to Jarrod Pfaffmann, $387,500.

1445 WOODFIELD DR., NEWBURGH; Pamela J. Simpson, Trustee, Pamela J. Simpson Revocable Trust Agreement to LaDonna V. Belangee, $357,500.

4500 SIERRA DR., BOONVILLE; Stanley D. Keneipp to David O. Kelley, $187,000.

3367 E. ST. RD. 62, BOONVILLE; E. ST. RD. 62, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Mary Kathleen Grigsby to Autumn N. Bristow, $78,500.

5722 CLIFTMEERE DR., NEWBURGH; Lawrence D. Morand, Jr., to Lindsey M. Robak, $453,000.

633 SHADY LN., BOONVILLE; SHADY LN., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Larry D. West to Carrie L. Lord, $129,000.

SEVEN HILLS RD., ELBERFELD; ELBERFELD RD., ELBERFELD; ELBERFELD RD, ELBERFELD; (3 Parcels); Larry Goebel to Frank E. Farney, President, Farney Farms Inc., $746,627.

8988 RUFFIAN LN., NEWBURGH; A. Joseph Salpietra to Cleo Holder, $710,000.

5888 LISA LN., NEWBURGH; Gary A. Lemon to William R. Jagoe, IV, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC., $108,800.

5500 VANN RD, NEWBURGH; Kevin G. Miller to Tommy Hall, Member, All Blown Up Inflatable Rentals LLC., $330,000.

BRIMM ST, BOONVILLE; Jordan M. Aigner, C B & A Properties LLC. to Jason Stephens, $142,000.

10477 DEVON CT., NEWBURGH; Christopher Miller, Member, Barrington Custom Homes LLC. to Brandon T. Charlton, $338,000.

5596 AUTUMN RIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Carl S. Turpen to William L. Felts, $30,000.

2076 LONG COVE CIR, NEWBURGH; Ralph N. Baker to Samuel T. McClure, $320,000.

5748 WATERSTONE DR., NEWBURGH; Gary D. Mason to David A. Boyle, $363,000.

10569 TITAN DR., NEWBURGH; Dennis P. Copeland to Grace Wallace, $170,000.

10591 MIDWAY DR., NEWBURGH; Donald R. Oakley to Dorothy L. Doss, $162,000.

3090 SANDSTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Michael J. Bradford to Kristin Bradford, $0.

302 FORREST AVE., BOONVILLE; Vinod Gupta, Wiper Corporation to Terry Phillippe, Boonville Now Inc., $3,000.

4901 4899 RICHMOND DR., NEWBURGH; Gregory A. Rickel to Carmen Rita Hartley, $160,000.

7113 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc to Casey B. Thompson, $204,476.

7577 ARBOR RIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Cindy A. Bottles to Kurt D Bottles, $0.

305 E. RIDGEVIEW DR., ELBERFELD; Kristin G. George to David L George, $0.

10777 LILLY PAD RD., ELBERFELD; Curtis D. Ritterling, President, The Elberfeld State Bank to Jason K. Lauer, $145,000.

415 W MAIN ST., BOONVILLE; Fonda Summers to Johnathan P. Carney, $65,656.

6066 INDIAN DR., NEWBURGH; Bobby Tyson, Jr., to Danielle C. Weatherholt, $96,500.

7344 NOTTINGHAM DR., NEWBURGH; Thomas William Largent to Bradley T. Hosick, $160,000.

2511 CONESTOGA DR., NEWBURGH; Teresa M. Carus to Amy C. Adams, $165,000.

3233 KENSINGTON WAY, NEWBURGH; Daniel J. Ubelhor, Member, Ubelhor Properties LLC. to Nicolaus D Winters, $110,000.

9380 STATE RD. 161, DALE; STATE RD. 161, DALE; (2 Parcels); John D. Zaiser, Jr., to Joshua D. Vanbibber, $44,900.

815 E POPLAR ST., BOONVILLE; 815 E POPLAR ST., BOONVILLE; POPLAR ST., BOONVILLE; (3 Parcels); Michael Perkins to Mark A. Smith, $79,500.

124 E THIRD ST., LYNNVILLE; Reed M. Faith to Robert D. Ratliff, $54,000.

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