Warrick Property Transfers for the week of May 6, 2018:

5222 ARCHES DR., NEWBURGH; 5244 ARCHES DR., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); James Eagleson to Zachary M. Eagleson, $144,000.

3288 BULLOCKTOWN RD., BOONVILLE; 3522 BULLOCKTOWN RD., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Judy K. Seib to David J. Loughrie, $174,900.

7807 ST. THOMAS CT., NEWBURGH; Jonathan S. Bach to Tyler S. McAllister, $186,900.

818 S THIRD ST., BOONVILLE; Mary C. Blocker to John W. Moeder, $83,000.

1933 MAURER RD., BOONVILLE; Shirley F. Chappell to Zach P. Curry, $189,000.

3066 LIMESTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Agustina F. Harvey, $195,000.

5033 VIRGINIA DR., NEWBURGH; Karen L. Voyles to Orville Dean Utsler, III, $117,531.

6488 VENICE DR., NEWBURGH; Tito C. Harvey to Troy D. Cunningham, $310,000.

306 RIVERBED CT., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, Driftwood Development LLC. to Carol Schaefer, $302,353.

3309 PIGEON VALLEY RD., BOONVILLE; Darrel W. Lockhart to Casey D. Stafford, $195,000.

3444 WESTHAMPTON DR., NEWBURGH; Amy C. Bagby to Aaron T. Brown, $264,000.

106 DRIFTWOOD LN., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, John Mattingly Homes Inc to Maryland W. Lang, Maryland W. Lang Revocable Trust, $269,900.

7724 MAELYN CT., NEWBURGH; Doug Lewis, Member, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC. to Mary H. Risley, $249,900.

5722 BETHANY CHURCH ROAD, BOONVILLE; Patrick Joseph Helzer to Matthew R. Hepler, $145,000.

900 BIRKSHIRE AVE., CHANDLER; STATE ROAD 62, CHANDLER; (2 Parcels); Michael Callaghan, Evansville Homes LLC. to Christine R. Stopps, Yes Evansville LLC., $1,859,211.

HERITAGE HILLS DR., NEWBURGH; Michael Cavaghan, Evansville Homes LLC. to Christine R Stopps, YES Evansville LLC., $840,789.

8027 WYNGATE CIR., NEWBURGH; D. Keith Jewell to Margaret A. Bourne, $450,000.

7566 YOUNGS CT., NEWBURGH; Eric J. Girten to Jeffery Porter, $335,000.

8145 BLAKE BLVD., NEWBURGH; Aaron T. Brown to Tendai J. Tsiga, $160,000.

10354 CHIPPEWA DR., NEWBURGH; Kenneth Moyes to Dena M. Allen, $194,900.

S. STATE ST., CHANDLER; Michael Callaghan, Evansville Homes LLC. to Christine R Stopps, YES Evansville LLC; $1,136,842.

10099 BOURBON ST, NEWBURGH; Belinda D. Allen to Kevin Michael Dixon, $115,900.

609 S. THIRD ST., BOONVILLE; Charles Eugene Snyder to Seyed K. Saboohi, President, Lincoln Industries Inc, $75,000.

2200 BRIARCLIFF DR., NEWBURGH; Mindy L. Buente to Nicholas J. Martin, $547,500.

ST. RD. 68, DALE; Margaret AM Springston to Monica Neff, Indiana Department of Transportation, $1,750.

10755 WILLIAMSBURG CT., NEWBURGH; Edward Lander to Regina L Lander, $0

203 E. NORTH ST, BOONVILLE; Ron McMahan, Wilmington Services Fund Society to Donald St. John, Manager, Home Investment Fund II LP., $49266.

414 DEER LN., LYNNVILLE; Beth N. Blair to Ruth A. Shigley, $152,500.

5255 LANDVIEW DR., NEWBURGH; James Brian Hill to Kelly L. Hargin, Modern Homes LLC., $120,000.

3165 PIGEON VALLEY RD., BOONVILLE; John Lehman to Roland B. Foster, $68,000.

9083 STONECREEK CIR., NEWBURGH; Patricia R. Cymbala to Paul Watzlavik, $432,000.

911 W. TURTLE BAY RD., BOONVILLE; TURTLE BAY RD., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Mark A. Warren to Roger L. Murphy, $36,000.

MCNEELY RD., TENNYSON; James H. & Mary Jo Campbell to Kevin P. Huffman, $92,000.

4525 FIELDCREST PLACE CIR., NEWBURGH; Henry L. Taylor to Margaret S. Myers, $326,000.

6044 MAGNOLIA DR., NEWBURGH; Marilyn J. Wilson to Daniel C. Powers, $145,000.

3744 ZOAR CHURCH RD., ELBERFELD; Margie K. Moseley to Kyle R. Kirk, $245,000.

6611 OAKLAND CT., NEWBURGH; Karen K. Mammoser to Paul T. Woerz, $189,492.

7722 JEREMY LN., NEWBURGH; Brent Sinclair, Per Rep, Estate of Jean Sinclair to Jason G. Ulery, $159,900.

7712 MAELYN CT., NEWBURGH; Doug Lewis, Member, Affordable Builders of Indiana LLC. to Faye Powell, $255,000.

4735 FIELDCREST PLACE CIR, NEWBURGH; George Baluyot Bernabe to Logan Taylor Baumann, $248,500.

PECAN LN., NEWBURGH; Michael Callaghan, Evansville Homes LLC. to Jennifer Pittenger, Agent, YES Evansville, LLC., $663,158.

6111 GRAND RIVER RD., NEWBURGH; Gary T. Foley to Joseph White, $160,000.

1212 E. WALNUT ST., BOONVILLE; Scott Edmond, Member, Julian Estates LLC. to Penni Beckman, Member, K & P Homes LLC., $18,500.

5322 WOODRIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Karen B. Hall to Daniel T. Hall, $0.

2066 LONG RD., BOONVILLE; Ryan M. Fisher to Harold Dean Stallion, Jr., $210,000.

4399 W. LARCH PL, NEWBURGH; Carol Jean Weir to Brian J. Hahn, $143,500.

3049 PARADISE CIR., NEWBURGH; Ryan M. Byrley to Adam Buddemeyer, $199,900.

5111 S. BETHANY CHURCH RD., BOONVILLE; Sheila L. Wood to Danny R. Fiscus, $315,000.

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