Warrick County property transfers for the week of Oct. 21, 2018:

MILLERSBURGH RD., CHANDLER; Armon W. Effinger to Steven Wagner, Member, Wagner Farm Property LLC, $151,568.

5611 HWY. 62 W., BOONVILLE; ST. RD. 62 W., BOONVILLE; W. HWY. 62, BOONVILLE; (3 Parcels); Adam L. Day to Charles J. Alvey, $129,900.

6500 SHARON RD., NEWBURGH; Kathy J. Watkins, Trustee, Kathy J. Watkins Revocable Trust to John A. Lindquist, $370,250.

6319 WOODLAND SPRINGS, NEWBURGH; Kurt Tillman to Randall L. McClary, $90,000.

7078 OAKPARK DR., NEWBURGH; Kim Holder, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Nicholas Michael Kerner, $171,007.

590 FOREST PARK DR., NEWBURGH; Taylor Melvin Brummett to Derek M. Johnson, $167,000.

1077 E. NEW HOPE RD., BOONVILLE; Darrell A. Hess to Glendell L. Hammers, $29,000.

FUQUAY RD., CHANDLER; Ronald O. Whitledge to John J. Pantano, $60,000.

7754 OWENS DR., NEWBURGH; Leslie D. Moore to Danny R. Moore, $0.

2388 CROSSWALK LN., NEWBURGH; Karen R. Slepsky to Jonathan Ross Muehlbauer, $210,000.

10322 EAGLE CREST LN., ELBERFELD; Cory A. Buechler to Audra Sanders, $357,500.

116 SYCAMORE ST., NEWBURGH; SYCAMORE ST., NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Adam J. Couts to Maryland W. Lang, $368,000

612 E OAK ST., BOONVILLE; Tera L. Bayer, Per Rep, Estate of Robert E. Nix to David M. Bengs, Atty, Freedom Mortgage Corporation, $59,356.

408 DEER LN., LYNNVILLE; Anna L. Evans to Teresia F. Leslie, $70,000.

12288 OLD PETERSBURGH RD., LYNNVILLE; Kyle R. Williams to Jeremy L. Byers, $179,000.

3144 DEER POINTE DR., NEWBURGH; Jose H. Salgado to Kristen N. Hoeppner, $243,000.

1079 JEFFERSON CT., NEWBURGH; David L. Albin to Fred Nelson, $875,000.

421 WATER ST., NEWBURGH; John Griese to Joseph C. Klink, $945,000.

711 N. CYPRESS ST., BOONVILLE; David C. Brock to Aaron H. Williams, $264,450.

424 E. OAK ST., BOONVILLE; Evelyn Waithaka, Authorized Signer, Caliber Home Loans to Donna Scales, $30,000.

3688 KATALLA DR., NEWBURGH; Gary L. Wagner to Christina D. Pinkston, $171,000.

406 E. SECOND ST., LYNNVILLE; Rebecca K. Evans to Scott Edward Caswell, $52,000.

8155 COBBLESTONE CT., NEWBURGH; Nelda Jean Cox to Michael Paul Stefurak, $189,900.

2872 JACE LN., NEWBURGH; Arnold W. Mulzer, III, Successor Trustee, Judith G. Mulzer Trust to Shuai Xiao, $250,000.

6722 DAVID DR., CHANDLER; Geraldine A. Kiegel to Donald Brinkman, $60,000.

330 N. SECOND ST., ELBERFELD; Stephanie Schaar Majors and Scott A. Majors to Scott A. Schaar, Manager, A G & E Properties LLC, $10,000.

319 EDGEWATER DR., NEWBURGH; John T. Mattingly, Member, Driftwood Development LLC to Jonathan D. Keck, $52,500.

1399 OTTER DR., BOONVILLE; Richard C. Wilhelmus to Cody Matthew Seib, $25,000.

1377 STEVENSON STATION RD., CHANDLER; Jerry Aigner, Vice President, Lake Group Inc. to James A. Greer, $65,000.

7644 ARBOR RIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Andrew S. Freeman to Court Farrell, $342,000.

13177 GORE RD., LYNNVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Lee Shane Browder, $86,401.

7799 BRUSH CREEK RD., TENNYSON; John E. Edwards to Retha S. Stock, $62,383.

6611 MUIRFIELD CT., NEWBURGH; Jared J. Tempel to Emma Immel, $125,000.

405 S. EIGHTH ST., BOONVILLE; James Robert Rice to Jeann Beshears Duff, $5,000.

411 E. LOCUST ST., BOONVILLE; Warrick County Sheriff, Brett W. Kruse to Valerie L. Matheis, Atty, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $17,043.

6500 RIVER RIDGE DR., NEWBURGH; Jason K. Baker, Manager, Nelson Brothers Inc. to Brian V. Powers, $425,000.

1702 AUTUMN DR., BOONVILLE; Robert Scott Phillips to Zerrick Jenson, Member, Trickett Properties LLC, $79,825.

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