Warrick County property transfers for the week of Nov. 25, 2018:

704 KIPER AVE., BOONVILLE; Bethany M. Goines to Gregory L. Wasson, $13,000.

10255 NORTH LINE RD., DALE; Roger A. Schmitt, President, R. A. Schmitt Farms LLC to Lucas Scherle, $115,000.

955 CASTLE GARDEN RD., CHANDLER; Jennifer L. Morris to Kyler A. Kempf, Sr., $160,000.

6555 GARDNER RD., CHANDLER; Shawn Wies to Roy C. Morris, $25,000.

5835 RIVER WALK CIR., NEWBURGH; Mara Louise Burzynski to Kelly R. Clark, $125,000.

8911 BLACKSTONE DR., NEWBURGH; Kandyce A. Domina to Brian C. Johnson, $408,500.

8111 KINGSTON DR., NEWBURGH; Kenneth S. Cooper to Gregory Simmons, $280,000.

4111 HEDGEWOOD CT., NEWBURGH; Chad T. Crow to Marilyn Mae J. Mason, $156,000.

FORREST AVE., BOONVILLE; Craig T. Kaiser, Trustee, Lynnette J. Kaiser Irrevocable Trust to Shane D. Terry, $4000.

4377 ASHBURY PARKE DR., NEWBURGH; James M. Burkdoll to Donald L. Erk, $320,000.

8608 COPPER CREEK DR., NEWBURGH; Michael A. Hubert to Steven D. Hoffman, $530,000.

8297 WYATT CT., NEWBURGH; Annette E. Elpers, Asst. Manager, Spring Haven LLC to Annette E. Elpers, Secretary, Gen 3 Contracting Inc., $40,000.

8393 WYATT CT., NEWBURGH; Annette E. Elpers, Asst. Manager, Spring Haven LLC to Annette E. Elpers, Secretary, Gen 3 Contracting Inc., $40,000.

105 DRIFTWOOD LN., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, Driftwood Development LLC to Leslie Miley, Jr, $279,189.

8111 WYNTREE VILLAS DR., NEWBURGH; Selma M. Lewis, Per Rep, Estate of Mary Ann Koenigseker to Mark A. Luecke, $160,000.

7044 MCDANIEL DR., NEWBURGH; Marc D. Hoeppner to Ashley M. Gresham, $212,000.

8767 ANGEL DR., NEWBURGH; Christopher A. Combs, Managing Member, CAC Development Company LLC to Matthew J. Taylor, $670,000.

1317 E WALNUT ST., BOONVILLE; Shane Terry to Dawn Hearst, $45,000.

2266 CROSSWALK LN., NEWBURGH; Paul T. Homan, Jr., to Rhonda Morgan, $160,000.

8777 OUTER LINCOLN AVE, NEWBURGH; Ashley Niehaus, Zoe Properties LLC to Pamela Boyer-Johnson, $239,000.

7600 NOTTINGHAM DR., NEWBURGH; Lynette McClusky to Shawn W. Woehler, $192,500.

2855 OAK TRAIL DR., NEWBURGH; Robert A. Clark to Troy D. Gray, $270,000.

8261 WYATT CT., NEWBURGH; Annette E. Elpers, Sec, Gen 3 Contracting Inc. to Steven P. Thompson, $325,000.

1555 MT. GILEAD RD., BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Larry W. Ritzert to Darrell L. Heineman, $355,000.

4977 YORKRIDGE CT. #D, NEWBURGH; Sharon Rowland Harris to Mary E. Bahr, $120,000.

7700 ST. JORDAN CIR., NEWBURGH; Timothy J. Craig to Ryan E. Short, $237,500.

8344 TELEPHONE RD., NEWBURGH; Paul H. Rupp to Todd David Wilson, $172,000.

4066 CANDLEWOOD PL., NEWBURGH; Diana Lynn Dick, Trustee to Ryan S. Daywalt, $338,000.

5577 GRIMM RD., NEWBURGH; Mike Whetstine to Mike Whetstine, Rose Products LLC, $81,000.

3766 JOHNSON RD., BOONVILLE; Ronald Eugene Hall, Jr. to Shane E. Naue, $133,000.

111 DRIFTWOOD LN., NEWBURGH; John Mattingly, Driftwood Development LLC to Michael A. Hubert, $285,000.

1224 STRATFORD DR, BOONVILLE; Kathy J Carns, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase Bank to Marty Williams, $42,000.

5166 SEQUOIA DR., NEWBURGH; Lisa R. Nunan Schaffer to Seth E. Biggerstaff, $158,500.

8788 RUFFIAN LN., NEWBURGH; Daniel L. Blessing, Member, Blessing Properties LLC to Robert C. Woolsey, II, Member, Woosley Investments LLC, $955,000.

1204 S FOURTH ST, BOONVILLE; (2 Parcels); Dallas Gayle Morris to Diana L Orth, $66,254.

907 TREELANE DR, NEWBURGH; (2 Parcels); Bradley C Bartz to Nicole E Boren, $130,000.

9809 ARBOR LAKE DR, NEWBURGH; Andy Phillips, Authorized Agent, Thompson Homes Inc to Maria Jeannette Arias, Trustee, Maria Jeannette Arias Trust, $183,930.

5677 WOODS LN, NEWBURGH; Sandra Sue Cain, Per Rep, Estate of Laszio Barta to Dilip Patel, Manager, Shreeram Real Estate LLC, $118,000.

55 QUAIL CROSSING DR, BOONVILLE; Jarrod Thomas Farley to Timothy J Craig, $379,900.

5255 LAKE NEWBURGH DR, NEWBURGH; William J Millikan, Jr, Co Trustee, William J Millikan Jr Trust to Brent L Johnson, $585,000.

6655 OAKSHIRE CT, NEWBURGH; John M Hunt to Chad E Hudson, $210,000.

8166 ROBERTS RIDGE RD, NEWBURGH; Sammy Max Mason to Betty J Jones, $258,000.

2759 PEARCE POINT, NEWBURGH; Brian T Young to Austin Lee Strunk, $192,000.

1120 E WALNUT ST, BOONVILLE; Kelly E Engelbrecht, Trust Officer, Per Rep, Peoples Trust & Savings Bank to Michael K Wilson, $31,630.

LOVERS LN, BOONVILLE; Joseph M Baker to Cheryl J Allen, $25,000.

1368 LOVERS LN, BOONVILLE; (3 Parcels); Joseph M Baker to Cheryl J Allen, $95,000.

1922 BENT TREE DR, NEWBURGH; Jason P Jimerson to Scott Fankhouser, $425,000.

6011 LAUREL RIDGE DR, NEWBURGH; Walter A Lambert to Jerry T Flasch, $302,500.

726 ST CATHERINE CT, NEWBURGH; Randy Wayne Koenig to Aaron Sizemore, $159,900.

4166 COURTLAND DR, NEWBURGH; Cleon W Michel to Hamzeh Abu Khyarah, $175,000.

8255 ST JOHNS RD, ELBERFELD; Glen E Keen to James Lee Smith, $123,500.

E STATE RD 68, LYNNVILLE; Jacob W Stauffer, DGOG Lynnville IN LLC to James Hennessey, DGLYIN001 LLC, $1,097,239.

7422 BOSMA DR, NEWBURGH; Mark K Johnson to Roger B Smith, $251,000.

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