Warrick County births include:

Chandler: Claire Margaret, a girl, to Molly and Shane Irvin

Olivia Sue, a girl, to Kristen and Jeffrey Freeman Jr.

Jacob Cameron, a boy, to Natasha Padgett and Scott McCoy

Boonville: Caiden Joe, a boy, to Lucretia and Cody Fussner

Bentley Michael, a boy, to Brittany Waters and Adam Johnson

Emmilyn Kay Michelle, a girl, to Erica and Bradley Stroud

Brynlee Elizabeth, a girl, to Victoria Henderson and Logan Grubb

Joseph Duane, a boy, to Jamie Mangold and Ernie Naranjo

Daxton David, a boy, to Brittany Theiring and Daniel Attebery Jr.

Lynnville: Kade Lamar, a boy, to Kameran and Zachary Frantz

Newburgh: Layne Abbott, a boy, to Bobbi and Brandon Rans

Theodora Marceline, a girl, to Jordan and Kurt Tillman

Kameron David, a boy, to Amanda Seaver and Daniel Cartwright

Sawyer Elizabeth, a girl, to Kellee and Marcus Fulkerson

Jet Elijah, a boy, to Kathryn Xavier and James Parker

Jack Thomas, a boy, to Tina and Anthony Meketa II

Adley June, a girl, to Hillary and Adam Loehr

Olive Lane, a girl, to Cassaundra and Logan Dame

Blair Elizabeth, a girl, and Tyler Bruce, a boy, to Brooke and Christopher Miller

Brynn Marie, a girl, to Melissa and Adam Schmitt

Houston Michael, a boy, to Karianne Glaser and Jonathan Place

Rosalyn Isla, a girl, to Katie and William Ritter

Kayla Grace, a girl, to Amelia and Ryan Wilson

Anza Rose Mae, a girl, to Katherine and Charles Wilson III

Sebastian Xavier, a boy, to Mitzi Dicks and Richard Hawkins

Matthew Ryan, a boy, to Briana and Tate Hawkins

Evelyn Jewell, a girl, to Abby and Daniel Roach

Aaliyah Christine Marie, a girl, to Alexandria Spoon and Justin Widmer

Hagen Lee, a girl, to Lauren and Drew Waldroup

Liam Wyatt, a boy, to Emily and Jesse Russell

Claralene Violette, a girl, to Kendra and David Schultz II

Leilah Jo, a girl, to Summer Davis and Shane Tonkins

Liam Carson and Landon Maxwell, twin boys, to Amanda and Floyd Bishop IV

Mary Rose Octavia, a girl, to Elizabeth and Robert Kamm

Stephen Christopher Jr., a boy, to Mary and Stephen Mulcahy

Arianna Christine, a girl, to Brittany and Chad Dempsey

Asher William, a boy, to Valerie and Todd Winiger

Matthew Douglas, a boy, to Cassie and Samuel Schmitz

Gia Renata, a girl, to Karla Baquerizo Gellibert and Emilio Gonzalez Castillo

Krew Easton, a boy, to Heather and Michael Guerzini

Noam Preston, a boy, to Kaylee and Lucas Folz

Kam Li, a boy, to Te’Ayra Thomas and William Pease

Kruze Emory, a boy, to Alicia Rupert and Kenneth Butler ll

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