Warrick County births include:

Boonville: Madison Rose, a girl, to Rachel and William Davis

Brynlee Elizabeth, a girl, to Victoria Henderson and Logan Grubb

Joseph Duane, a boy, to Jamie Mangold and Ernie Naranjo

Daxton David, a boy, to Brittany Theiring and Daniel Attebery Jr.

Maya Faye Marie, a girl, to Molly and Matthew Barnhill

Carter Samuel, a boy, to Rebecca and Jordan Saltzman

Madilynn Jean, a girl, to Ashley and Wesley Zellers

Braelyn Jo, a girl, to Danielle and Brandon Hall

Mason Michael, a boy, to Shawn Stehlik and Jarrod Nau

Leeland Michael, a boy, to Tina McKeethen and Eric Luttrell Jr.

William Paul, a boy, to Cassie and Robert Forbes

Axton Brennan, a boy, to Shamim and Ryan Bradley

Sophia Ann, a girl, to Hannah and Micheal Cullen

Gavin Joe, a boy, to Stacie and Joseph Smith

Scarlett Rae, a girl, to Amber and Dustin Mattingly

Silas Zayne, a boy, to Marketta and Troy Voyles

Cooper Jay, a boy, to Jacquelyne Lewis and Kyle Favreau

Xavier James, a boy, to Shelby Ellison and Brandon Whitfield

Chandler: Jerzee Jean, a girl, to Abbygale Lockyear and Charles Smith

Jacob Cameron, a boy, to Natasha Padgett and Scott McCoy

Jimma Rachelle, a girl, to Haylee Mosley

Bryleigh Michelle, a girl, to Summer Barnwell

Autumn Jane, a girl, to Jessica and Brandy Elmore

Azdextria Supreme Dragonslayer, a girl, to Jessica Duggins and Michael Wetmore

Elberfeld: Jentry Thomas Wayne, a boy, to Katye and Jerrod Clutter

Lynnville: Kade Lamar, a boy, to Kameran and Zachary Frantz

Willow Pearl, a girl, to Crystal Frederick and John Warner

Madelyn Haley, a girl, to Dakota and Jacob Marks

Newburgh: Noam Preston, a boy, to Kaylee and Lucas Folz

Kam Li, a boy, to Te’Ayra Thomas and William Pease

Kruze Emory, a boy, to Alicia Rupert and Kenneth Butler ll

Remi Jean, a girl, to Jamie Hager and Steven Orange

Gia Renata, a girl, to Karla Baquerizo Gellibert and Emilio Gonzalez Castillo

Krew Easton, a boy, to Heather and Michael Guerzini

Tobin Frans, a boy, to Jorien Wartna and Pieter Hooyenga

Aubrie Nicole, a girl, to Haley McGuyer and Chase Hall

Vincent Aaron, a boy, to Emily and Aaron Opell

Stella Ruth, a girl, to Hannah Smith-Quirey and Joshua Quirey

Hunter Kai, a boy, to Jamie Ice and Bradley Wagland

Porter William, a boy, to Lori and Ryan Bootz

John Hayden III, a boy, to Jackline Madegwa and John Woodard Jr.

Eirik Deen, a boy, to Annie Adelman

Aaliyah Christine Marie, a girl, to Alexandria Spoon and Justin Widmer

Hagen Lee, a girl, to Lauren and Drew Waldroup

Liam Wyatt, a boy, to Emily and Jesse Russell

Nora Abigail, a girl, to Alicia and Michael Hawa

Kennedy Jade, a girl, to Alexia Horswood

Joshua Montgomery, a boy, to Andrea Whitehead and Christopher Lunn

Grayson Alexander, a boy, to Jessica and Eric Smithhart

Lucy Ann, a girl, to Jasmine Feldhaus and Jeffrey Gardner

Brooks Dean, a boy, to Jessica Rhinerson and Christopher Stallion

Khaled Hisham, a boy, to Nebal Alazawi and Hisham Allababidi

Hudson Scott, a boy, to Amanda and Jacob Simmons

Brynley Ryan, a girl, to Crystal and David Herrell

Rayan, a boy, to Sara Phillips-Bourass and Soufyane Bourass

Denise Michelle, a girl, to Elizabeth Hornby and RonRico Hassell Sr.

Declan Grant, a boy, to Rebecca and Erik Belford

Libby Raye, a girl, to Kendra and Aaron Luttrull

Quinn Avery, a girl, to Danielle and Cory Reisinger

Cyrus Alexander, a boy, to Veronica Coll and Kane Vincent

Eli Thomas, a boy, to Sara and Jason Feulner

Kamille Louise, a girl, to Kelli and Craig Bohannon

Tennyson: Maverick James, a boy, to Christina and Matthew Mitchell

Aidan Jeseph, a boy, to Eva and Shelby Hess

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