The new $100 million Deaconess Orthopedic and Neuroscience hospital is now open for business.

The hospital, which took 17 months to construct, had a ribbon cutting Friday and is located at 4199 Gateway Blvd in Newburgh.

Shawn McCoy, the CEO of Deaconess Health Systems, said the opening day was incredibly exciting for the Deaconess community.

"This (facility) is world class and second to none," he said. "We set out to build a specialty hospital like no other that provides advanced care."

McCoy said the new hospital is very relaxing and uncluttered.

"There is a lot of glass and a lot of large, open spaces," he said. "Our space has lots of natural light and spacious areas that allow for the family to support patients through the healing process."

McCoy said from the start, the goal of the hospital was to heal patients fast.

"How can we be flexible," he said. "How can we meet the future needs."

McCoy said the services offered at the hospital will transform Deaconess from being just an excellent hospital to bring to a care structure that will provide the most complex comprehensive neuroscience care for a variety of diseases and neurological conditions.

"You are going to see a major commitment from us on stroke care," he said. "We're going to provide additional support services, educational programs and weekly designed exercise programs."

McCoy said the hospital would be nothing without the staff.

"Then nurses, the patient care associates," he said. "So we're giving the patients bedside psychology."

McCoy said one of the most exciting features about the new hospital is the Panera that patients and staff can eat at. Although the hospital is now open for service, Panera won't be open until this upcoming Monday.

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