Officer involved shooting results in death

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The Governor Boon Square Apartment located on the east side of Boonville was the location of an officer involved shooting overnight Friday morning.

A call reporting a man threatening a group of people with knives resulted in the death of that man after officers say the man wouldn't drop the knives.

A press release from the Boonville Police Department and another from the Indiana State Police said officers were dispatched overnight on Friday morning around 12:48 a.m. after a call to dispatch reported a man threatening a group of people with two knives at Governor Boon Square Apartments in Boonville.

The man has been identified through the Indiana State Police and Vanderburgh County Coroner's Office as Marshall Coleman, 58 of Boonville, who was a resident of the complex. According to state police detectives, the call came from Coleman's cell phone.

"Coleman resides in the complex and detectives believe Coleman made the 911 call to initiate a confrontation with police," a release from the Indiana State Police reported. "When officers arrived they didn’t see anyone else outside other than Coleman and no other tenants reported being threatened or injured by Coleman."

According to press releases, Boonville Police Lt. Mark Hadley and Patrolman Trevor Winters arrived on scene made contact with Coleman who was armed with two large knives on the south side of the apartment complex when two officers arrived within two minutes of the call. Boonville's release said the officers made several attempts to have Coleman drop the knives including several attempts at using tasers, but they had no effect as the continued to walk towards the officers.

The releases state that one officer fired from his service pistol, striking Coleman. The officers immediately rendered first aid while requesting an ambulance.

Coleman was transported to St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville where he died from his injuries.

Vanderburgh County Coroner Steve Lockyear conducted an autopsy of Coleman on Friday afternoon. Lockyear said Coleman died from multiple gun shots to the torso which caused internal bleeding.

Lockyear said a toxicology report will take three weeks to complete. However, he said the report won't just look for substances that shouldn't have been present in Coleman's body. Missing medications could also provide information about the Coleman's state of mind at the time of the incident, Lockyear said.

"We're not only looking for what's in his system, but also what's not in his system," he said.

Indiana State Police is conducting an ongoing investigation of the incident. Both officers involved have been placed on administrative leave until at least Monday.

Check back with The Standard for updates on the incident as more information becomes available.

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