The Chandler Town Council is moving forward with talks on annexation.

The council recently hosted its fourth of six meetings to allow members of the community to get information and ask questions about the potential annexation in its regular meeting Oct. 1. The proposal includes the annexation of Mallard Circle, an area to the northeast of the town limits and an area to the south of the town limits.

Attempts to contact council president Tonya Wester or Clerk-Treasurer Brian Pace were not returned prior to press time Tuesday.

According to an informational handout on the annexation, the three areas will be annexed separately, but will move forward on the same schedule for a combined addition of approximately 519 acres increasing the town's population by 570 residents.

In addition, the sheet states the town is anticipating an increase in assessed value which will allow the town's tax rate to decrease by 0.014. The sheet states fiscal impact analysis have shown that while residents new to the town's tax rate will see an increased rate after annexation, about 44 percent of the properties are estimated to have tax increases of less than $90.

Taken separately, the Mallard Circle annexation is planned to cover 34 acres with a population of 106, the northeast portion covers 74 acres with a population of 53 and the south portion covers 411 acres with an estimated population of 411. According to the fact sheet, the move to annex is to capture the growth around the town and to help plan for future infrastructure projects.

"The town is pursuing annexation to manage future growth, make sure that the town's infrastructure keeps up with the pace of development and to promote economic development that will diversify and stabilize the tax base," the sheet states. "Because the Chandler region is a place where people want to live,we know that trend will continue. We must have a way to stay ahead of suburban sprawl and ensure that our roads and utilities can adequately support future development."

The Chandler Town Council will host two more meetings on the annexations on Oct. 15, and Nov. 19, both at 6 p.m.

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