Bacon to run for 2018 re-election

State Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler) announced his bid to run for re-election for House District 75.

Bacon said he feels like he and his fellow Republicans have gottnen a lot accomplished since he began representing portions of Spencer, Pike and Warrick counties in 2010. He currently sits as vice chair of the House Committee on Public Health and serves on the House Committee on Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development, the House Statutory Committee on Interstate and International Cooperation and the Medicaid Advisory Committee.

"I just think that, since 2010, there Republican group has done a great job for Indiana," he said. "I want to continue to be a part of that."

Bacon said one of the issues most important to him has been health care. Before being elected as a state representative, Bacon served as the Warrick County Coroner, and was heavily involved with local organizations including the St. Mary's Warrick Hospital Foundation, Warrick County Chamber of Commerce, Boonville Kiwanis and Right to Life of Southwestern Indiana. He said his previous work in health care has given him a unique perspective on health care issues.

"I am taking what I have learned working as a health professional for the past 50 years here in Southwest Indiana, and putting it to use to help vet legislation that positively impacts all Hoosiers," Bacon said in a release. "Providing health care while maintaining our state's fiscal integrity are among my top priorities while serving the people of House District 75."

While Bacon has been in office, the legislature has made multiple tax-cut reforms while Bacon has worked on advancing issues facing small businesses. He said a low unemployment rate has put the area in a positive playing field where the problem is filling jobs, not finding them.

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"We have locally seen the impact of these reforms as some of the industries in our communities, like Alcoa and Toyota, have seen the need to put more Hoosiers to work," Bacon said in a release. "I will continue to support policies that encourage job and economic growth in our great state."

Bacon said some of his biggest acheivements have been in public safety. He mentioned the 2010 bill on concussions and head injuries in student athletes. Bacon authored the bill he said opened a conversation and has been added to since.

"We want kids to continue to play the sports they want to play, but we want to make it as safe as we can make it," he said.

Looking forward, Bacon said he is looking into bills that will give guidelines for heat exhaustion in student athletes.

Bacon said he will also continue social issues such as right to life issues. He said he has a pro-life stance and will continue to vote accordingly.

"I will continue to work on that and do everything I can to protect life," he said.

Bacon said he is a social and fiscal conservative and believes his voting record will speak for itself. He said he doesn't always just vote along party lines, but for what he believes is best for his district.

"Voters can look at my voting record," Bacon said. "They can see how I have voted and decide to vote for me."

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