Ten candidates will face off for four spots on the Warrick County School Corporation School Board in the general election.

The 10 candidates will run for the at-large seats on the board. However, while each of the seats are considered at-large seats, state law requires that only two candidates from each township in the county can be elected to the board.

Voters may only see an alphabetized list of candidates and the directive to choose four candidates. While voters can choose any four candidates desired, only two from each township will be allowed to be elected.

Boon Township candidates are current board members Jeffrey Baker, Rick Madden, Nancy J. Parker, Jane Wilhelmus and current board president Thomas Welch. Skelton Township candidates are Jordan Aigner, Tabitha Heilman and current board member Candace Nance. Owen Township will be represented by Elissa Jones and Campbell Township will be represented by Stephanie Gerhardt.

Welch said he is hoping to retain his position and is proud to be in his third term at WCSC.

He said the people he has been able to work with has made his time a pleasurable experience.

"I love this job," he said. "Good people in the administration make it enjoyable to go to school board and committee meetings."

Baker said he has spent several years on the board and hopes to continue his work.

He said he wants to continue to push technology forward in Warrick County schools.

"I am very committed to making sure we get career planning and technology in our schools," he said.

Nance said she hopes to bring her experience from being on the council as well as her master's in school boarding to continue to serve on the board.

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She said she is driven by her love for the kids.

"I decided to run because I want the best education for the kids of Warrick County," she said.

Madden said he has worked with the school corporation for 30 years, and loves the work he has already been involved in.

He said he has already had the experience of working with administrators, faculty, parents and students.

"I hope to help the school corporation with the ideas I have," he said.

Parker said she waited to run until her five children were out of school, but is passionate about the state of education in Warrick County.

She said she has worked to build an understanding of issues in Warrick County education by speaking with teachers and parents -- a task she hopes to continue in order to build communication between parents and the school board.

"As a school system, we need to be proactive," she said.

Wilhelmus said she has worked with the school corporation in several facets including director of curriculum.

She said she has been able to work with teachers, administrators and support personnel while serving on other boards and hopes to bring that experience to serve on the school board.

"My goal is to provide the best education for every WCSC student," she said.

Heilman said her children are currently in WCSC schools and she has served as a tennis coach within the school corporation. She said she brings new perspectives to the board that needs a change.

"I want to make sure we cross every option possible ... I want to bring different ideas to challenge the administration and make sure we're doing everything possible for our students and our staff," she said.

Gerhardt said she hopes to focus on building a dialogue around issues the school corporation faces including gaps in student achievement and the challenges of standardized testing. She said she believes every student deserves a quality education and she hopes to be a part of the process to ensure that education is available to Warrick County students.

"As an educator and entrepreneur, I know the health of our community depends on how we prepare our children for the future," she said.

Aigner and Jones were unable to be reached and didn't reply for comment prior to press time.

For information on the general election or voter registration, visit www.indianavoters.com, download the Indiana Voters app or call the Warrick County Election Office at 812-897-6161.

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