Boonville Mayor Charlie Wyatt officially announced his run for re-election last Thursday.

The Democratic mayor, along with current Democratic Boonville City Council members, Mike Webb, Larry Lacer, David Talley, Robert Canada and Steve Byers and clerk-treasurer Tammy Winsett Boruff, all announced their bids on Nov. 29 for re-election at Quail Crossing in Boonville.

The acquisition of Quail Crossing, is one of the reasons Wyatt, who was elected to his first term in 2015, said he wants to continue to be mayor.

"We had the successful annexation," he said. "And we have so many projects going on from the new subdivisions, to solar projects, the square project, water projects - we've got about $20 to $30 million in projects in the works. I want to see these projects come to fruition."

Wyatt said he wants the people of Boonville to not just re-elect him, but the entire council as well.

"I want the group that I'm running with to be re-elected," he said. "So we can continue to do the work we are already doing."

Wyatt said he is blessed to have a supportive council.

"Your council is kind of your family," he said. "Nobody agrees on the same thing every time but we can sit down and work out our differences -- it's called compromise."

Wyatt said he hopes people will vote for himself and the council members again next year.

"Hopefully they like what we are doing," he said, "and want to see what improvements will be made next."

Wyatt said he wholeheartedly enjoys being mayor.

"I love doing what I do for the citizens of Boonville," he said. "What a rush it is being mayor, especially when your projects start coming through."

Wyatt, who ran against a Republican and an Independent in 2015, said he hasn't heard of anyone running against him or the council yet, but that they'll be ready for them.

"I fundraise hard," he said.

Candidates cannot officially file for election until Jan. 9. Anyone who wishes to run against the mayor or the council must file by Feb. 8.

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