Two seats on the Tennyson Town Council are contested in May's primary election.

Tennyson Town Council District 2 and District 3 will have two Democratic candidates for voters to choose from in the upcoming primary. In District 2, incumbent Keith Curtis is challenged by Steve Bruce who previously held the position before getting defeated by Curtis in the last election.

In District 3, incumbent Auburn Wade will be challenged by Kenny Adams. In the fall, the winner of the District 3 Democratic slot on the ballot will face Republican challenger Angi Hunt.

Council President Cathy Oser will run again as a Democrat to keep her seat in District 1.

Curtis said he wants to keep his position on the council in order to continue the work he has so far done for the town. He said the current council has been able to make changes that have resulted in more money available for the town.

"I'm running again to see that it continues," he said.

Curtis said the council's records will give a clear nod to the candidate who should be selected for the position. He said the success of the council gives it's own support.

"People can just ask to see our finances and see what we've done," he said.

Bruce said he lost in the last election, but is seeking the position again.

He said he hasn't necessarily agreed with all of the actions taken by the council and hopes to get the chance to take part in the council again.

"I don't think some things were done right so I'm trying to get back on it," he said. "I'm trying to get back on it and see if I can help."

But, Bruce said it isn't up to him. He said he would do things differently if he does get elected.

"It's up to the people," he said.

Wade said she has really enjoyed serving on the board in the town she has been a part of for her whole life. She said she hopes she gets the opportunity to continue to do the work she has already done for the town.

"I love this town and I'd like to see good things happen to it," she said.

Wade agreed that it isn't up to her, though. She said voters will have to make the decision.

"Go with your heart," she said. "Go with who you believe will do better for your town."

Kenny Adams did not return calls from the Standard.

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