Four candidates are hoping to secure one of two seats on the Chandler Town Council.

For the District 2 seat on the council, incumbent and Democrat candidate Andrea Johnson is running again to keep her position while challenged by Republican Kim Burnett. In District 4, incumbent Republican candidate Ron Whitledge will also run again while challenged by independent candidate Brett Healy.

Whitledge said he hopes to retain his seat to maintain the momentum on projects started by the council.

He said he ran for the position in the first place because he felt like important issues were being left unchecked.

"I've heard for years that things weren't being done properly," he said. "I wanted to change the way we do things to where everyone in the town would benefit from what we're doing."

Whitledge said he plans to use his experience he's already gained from being on the council to finish the projects he hasn't been able to finish yet. He said he hopes to tackle issues

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with unkempt properties, parks and improvements and modernization in the police and fire departments if he's re-elected.

"I'd like to spearhead that and see changes," he said.

Healy said he decided to run because he felt that the current council is spending money on other projects at the expense of other services.

"There are general city services that are being ignored right now," he said.

Healy said it often seems current council members are affected by the opinion of their counterparts. He said he hopes to bring his own perspective and is willing to listen to residents and answer questions, whether he's elected or not.

"I have a mind of my own," he said. "I can think of what I want to do."

In District 2, Burnett said she decided to run to help give a better voice to residents in her district. She said, as a representative of a district, the officeholder should listen to the people and act based on their wants and needs and not just their own opinion.

"I'd like to see change," she said. I'd like to see the district people on the board to go with what the people in their district want."

Burnett said that is what she has done as she has served on other boards. She said she plans on holding the meetings as a high priority, but ultimately wants to bring a new voice to the board while dealing with issues concerning parks and funding for the fire department.

"I'd like to see new opinions," she said.

Johnson did not provide a response prior to press time.

For information on the general election or registering to vote, visit, download the Indiana Voters app or call the Warrick County Election Office at 812-897-6161.

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