U.S. Supreme Court's ruling against unions disappointing

Labor unions have provided the backbone for the American Working Class for over a century. These organizations negotiate working conditions, obtain fair wages, and help set safety standards in the workplace.

Therefore, the recent Supreme Court decision in the Janus vs. American Federation of Station, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) was extremely disappointing. Ruling against the AFSCME, the Court maintained the requirement in certain states for unions to negotiate the contracts of all employees, including non-union members, but eliminated the agency fees that pay solely for the service provided.

Essentially, this ruling allows anyone to take advantage of the hard-fought benefits provided by collective bargaining without providing a fair share to compensate for those services. This decision is the culmination of efforts to silence the voice of workers.

Now, more than ever, Hoosier workers need not only a vote, but an advocate in the Statehouse. We must have legislators that will fight to reinstate the Common Construction Wage to ensure quality pay for quality work. We must fight to repeal the so-called "right to work" legislation that has weakened workers' ability to bargain for wages and benefits.

Advocating for good-paying careers that allow citizens to raise their families and contribute to their communities is a major reason I became a candidate for state representative of Indiana's 75th District. No matter the decisions at the federal level, know that I will stand with Indiana's working families.

John Hurley

Candidate for State Representative

Indiana District 75

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