Castle High School presents spring play 'Almost Main'

Photo by Gretchen Bernhardt Howard

Sophia Feightner and Eli Fanok acting together as couple Pete and Ginette in the prolouge for "Almost Main."

Theatre fans were treated to three unique shows from Castle High School Troupe 2712 last week as they performed their spring play, "Almost Main," directed by Eric Antey.

Students performed short, intimate skits April 3-6, focusing on various romantic relationships between nine partners and couples in different stages of their lives and romance in the fictional town of Almost, Main under the pink and blue glow of the Northern Lights.

Senior Payton Thompson and junior Zane Phelps both played three different characters throughout the course of the shows but, also acted together in the skit "Where It Went," playing troubled married couple Phil and Marcy,

"A lot of the stories in the show are about people falling in love but, we are actually falling out of love," Thompson said. "I feel like this gives us a very unique opportunity to portray married people -- as sad it may be -- in a completely different way with a different outlook on love."

Phelps also played a country boy named Randy in the skit, "They Fell," in which his best guy friend Chad confesses his feelings to him while playing cornhole and drinking beer.

"I have a very personal connection because someone I know who is very close to me is gay, so you know, it means a lot to me that I can be in this scene," he said. "It's kind of a lot for this guy to tell his best friend that he loves him, he cares about him, that he has feelings for him beyond just being his best friend and what is cool is that they both share that and have this coming out moment that is a really beautiful thing."

Although Thompson is a seasoned thespian, having performed in countless Castle plays and musicals, she said newcomer Phelps is a natural.

"I was so completely and utterly in awe of the raw talent he had," she said. "And yes, I was able to talk to him and encourage him and push him father than the limits he was putting on himself but, as far as I'm concerned, he came out of the womb talented."

Phelps said he was apprecative to Thompson for taking him under his wing and loved acting with her.

"She is honestly one of the greatest actresses you'll ever meet," he said. "She has left a very good legacy on this program and I know that for a fact."

Thompson said there is truly nothing like the Castle High School theatre family.

"If you want to do theatre, come to Castle," she said. "The direction, Mr. Antey, Mrs. Antey, they're kids, Stella, Maggie and Parker, they become like family and there seriously is no joy like performing on the Castle stage."

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