Lynnville Elementary raises $850 for Tecumseh Trail

Courtesy of Gene Raber

The student council at Lynnville Elementary recently held a school-wide fundraiser to benefit "Tecumseh Trail," an installment of the Warrick Trails system. Tecumseh Trail will connect the town of Lynnville to Lynnville Park, the Coal Museum and the Tecumseh Middle School and High School campus.

LES Student Council raised $850 for Tecumseh Trail through a "Penny War." Silver coins and bills placed in a classroom's collection bucket went toward the class's collection total; pennies placed in a class's bucket took away from that class's total, effectively "sabotaging" other classes who had (temporarily) overtaken the lead in collecting the most money.

Pictured at the check presentation on Friday, April 5, left to right: David and Dianna Harris, Tecumseh Trail representatives; student council members: Hazel Melton, Drew Brandle, Andi Allen, Daniels Elpers, Job Thomas, Justyce Helsley, Lydia Wilson, Damon Oxley, and Gunner Lubbehusen; Julie Tilsworth, Student Council Sponsor; Chrissy Ash, Warrick Trails.

The students of Lynnville Elementary School challenge students at Tecumseh Middle School and Tecumseh High School to match their donation to the Tecumseh Trail. They also encourage members of the entire Lynnville community to donate to this outstanding project. See details at


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