With another loss at home against North Posey, Tecumseh declined its season record to 2-6.

The Braves took on the Vikings in the Friday night matchup hoping to come back from three straight losses, but North Posey was ready to fight and took down Tecumseh, 23-14.

North Posey started early in the first quarter with a 37-yard field goal to take the lead, 3-0. Before the end of the first quarter, the Vikings found room for a breakout 72-yard run and increased their lead to 10-0.

The second quarter remained a battle of defense with North Posey only finding space for another 21-yard field goal. However, the Braves couldn't bring results to the scoreboard before the close of the first half

The Braves came out of the locker room hungry and put points on the board with a touchdown off a 59-yard run. The touchdown remained the only points in the third quarter, leaving the teams at 13-7 going into the fourth.

North Posey wasn't willing to give Tecumseh the chance to catch up. The Vikings marched down the field for a touchdown, taking the score to 20-7 at the top of the fourth.

Tecumseh answered with another touchdown of its own on a 46-yard run working to close the gap. But the Vikings weren't ready to quit and a 20-yard field goal late in the fourth sealed the deal for the Braves.

North Posey took the win, 23-14.

Now, the Braves will gear up to take on Dugger-Union on the road at 6:30 p.m. Friday for the final matchup of the regular season. Then, at 7 p.m. Oct. 20, Tecumseh will take on North Daviess in a sectional matchup.

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