Schoonover steps down as Pioneers head coach

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Schoonover plans with the Pioneers during a time out earlier this season.

The Boonville Pioneers are now in search of a new boys basketball coach.

Brian Schoonover announced on March 12 that he will be stepping down as the Pioneers head basketball coach. He made the announcement public via Twitter citing personal reasons for his decision.

"Thanks to (Athletic Director) Kevin Davis and (Principle) Mike Whitten for the opportunity to be the coach at Boonville High School the last two years, but I need to be a dad first. I loved my time there. Thanks to all our coaches, players, and parents for all your hard work. Good luck in the future," Schoonover said.

Schoonover has boy and girl twins who are currently in the fifth grade. This was their first year playing basketball at the school and he had to miss a lot of their games due to his coaching responsibilities.

The Pioneers had an overall record of 10-37 during Schoonover's two seasons as coach. He had previously been an assistant for four seasons under legendary Tecumseh coach Kevin Oxley.

During Schoonover's first season, he coached Pioneers all time leading scorer Glen Rouch. Rouch would finish his career at Boonville scoring a total of 1,518 points. He is currently playing at the University of Southern Indiana.

"I really liked Coach Schoonover," Rouch said. "You could tell that he really cared about his players and had their best interests in mind."

Pioneer Athletic Director Kevin Davis understood Schoonover's dilemma and respected his decision.

"Coach Schoonover had a very trying year personally. It ultimately came down to him being a father/ husband first. Brian worked very hard for our kids and program. I totally respect his decision to be a family figure first," Davis said.

Davis also said the ideal candidate would be an employee at the high school. He also noted that the Warrick County School Corporation will not be posting open teaching jobs until after spring break. He said that there will be a job posting once they are aware what jobs are available for Boonville High School.

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