Boonville business owner Tera Oller had a dream of opening up her own hair salon before she turned 40.

She opened Mirror Mirror, located at 101 E North St, at 39.

"It was surreal," Tera Oller said. "Because I never thought it would happen."

And just last Thursday, Tera Oller celebrated the second year of her booming business with treats from Pioneer Bakery and 2nd Sweet Treats, along with hours of back-to-back customers eager to congratulate her and her stylists on their success, but also, to get a trendy cut.

Mirror Mirror touts itself on being a close-knit family business. Their secret? A tight-knit bond between Tera Oller and the three stylists who help her run the place, including Morgan Kemp, Kelly Sampson and her own daughter, Tyla Oller.

"It was trying at first," Tera Oller said of smoothing out the kinks of working alongside her own kin. "I had to learn to switch from mom role to, 'Oh, no, you're at work mode.' But we work well together and the four of us get along great."

She also said it was integral that her salon be ran by Boonville bred women.

"Being a Boonville girl in a Boonville salon is important," Tera Oller said. "We all have Boonville roots."

Tera Oller said it was important the stylists were also fresh in the hair industry.

"We have all gone to The Salon Professional Academy and are brand new color stylists," Tera Oller said, who worked at A Cut Above in Boonville before opening Mirror Mirror. "I wanted us all to have been five years out of cosmetology school so we'd be up to date on the latest trends -- and we are."

While Tera Oller's eldest daughter, Taryn, 25, also graduated from The Salon Professional and just moved to California to pursue a career in cosmetology.

"It's pretty cool," Tera Oller said.

And the proud mom has found her niche with her salon by specializing in color.

"It used to be that color wasn't the big thing," she said. "But now, it's the big trend."

Tera Oller said Boonville folks who have been used to traveling to Newburgh or Evansville, won't have to worry about

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making that trip anymore, especially when they have the option of Mirror Mirror.

"We wanted to create a place where they could come here," she said. "And there are several of us hair salons in Boonville now so we are doing good. We want to keep local people local."

Tera Oller said patrons will feel like they are at home, while getting a professionally done style or cut at Mirror Mirror.

"When somebody comes in, everybody talks to everybody's clients," she said. "I always said I wanted a small, hometown salon that is contemporary yet comforting -- and that is what we have done."

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