By Marisa Patwa

The Warrick County Standard

The event was a classy affair featuring a speakeasy and pizza bar, a floral bar, vintage decor, sugar sweet treats from Parlor Doughnuts, entertainment from the sweet sounds of The Browne Sisters and approximately 60 community members celebrating their mothers -- this was 20 West's love-filled Mother's Day celebration on Saturday night.

The event center, which mostly hosts weddings, in addition to a few retirement parties, special birthday parties, corporate events, bridal showers and Christmas themed-events, opened up to the public for one of the first times on May 11 under the creative direction of owner Misti Fraser, who sold tickets with the caveat of the funds being raised going towards the attendees making hand-crafted bouquets to donate to local Newburgh women in retirement homes on Mother's Day who don't have any family -- who Fraser calls, "elder orphans."

"We [were] super excited because it's not very often that we get to open up to the public

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to have an event because we are so busy with weddings but, we are super excited about our mission," she said. "We are giving all of our proceeds to No Forgotten Women for elderly women in the nursing homes who don't have any friends, family, they don't receive any visitors or have any calls, so it can be hard for them on holidays like Mother's' Day."

Fraser said this truly is a grassroots mission, started by Jane Miller in 2006.

"She was there visiting her mother and she saw this old woman just sitting there every day just watching the flowers come in, because she didn't get any and it made her happy," Fraser said. "So, that's how she got it started."

No Forgotten Women is already in 23 states, with Fraser pioneering its birth in Indiana.

"These will go to one retirement home in Evansville and another in Newburgh," she said. "We delivered about 60 bouquets and those flowers are locally sourced from farmers."

Lindsey Hart, who ones Petal and Pine in Owensboro, Ky., and often creates the floral arrangements at 20 West, volunteered her efforts to host the floral bar because she loved the cause.

"Floral bars are starting to becoming really cool," she said. "And this is a great social way for the community to do something for the older age group, because people don't always get excited about them."

For Hart, it was an especially meaningful event celebrating motherhood.

"It's my first Mother's Day as a mom myself," she said of her 6-month-old daughter Hazel. "And this was the perfect way to celebrate generations of ladies who have done it before me."

Fraser said the event also honored women who aren't necessarily mothers, but take on that role.

"I feel like every woman gives something," she said. "Maybe they are a teacher or a social worker and they aren't a mother but, they still mother people. We just wanted to celebrate all women."

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