The sign announcing the closure of Posey’s market appeared on Sept. 8.

BOONVILLE — Customers intending to shop at Posey’s Market in Boonville on Thursday, Sept. 8, were likely surprised to find a sign in the window stating it was closed by the Warrick County Health Department.

The sign appeared without much warning, simply stating the business was closed without stating a possible date for reopening.

The Health Department’s investigation into the business began on Sunday, Aug. 14, after they received a written complaint stating “Meat was rotten. Flies behind the deli. Expired dates on meat.” The next day an inspection revealed no evidence of spoiled meat, but it did reveal a presence of live flies in a box of tomatoes located in the dry storage room as well as dead flies in a meat display case and dry storage door not sealing. The first of these was considered a critical item.

The second inspection occurred on Tuesday, Aug. 30, following another complaint regarding a smell coming from near the dumpster behind Posey’s. This investigation again uncovered no evidence of spoiled or expired meat, but did uncover several critical items, including condensation dripping from a condenser unit into the meat room over a meat saw and live flies present at the produce sink as well as on pallets of return merchandise.

The inspector also observed live maggots on a wooden pallet holding return merchandise. There were also several non-critical items including moisture buildup in equipment compartments and frost buildup on a condenser. The aforementioned dry storage door was also not repaired.

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, the Health Department conducted a follow up investigation and observed several recurring items as well as several new ones.

According to the statement made by Inspector Tina Latham, “Upon entering the store room where produce is prepared, shelf stable times are stored, and where cardboard is compacted and stored on shelves, maggots were found by the compacted cardboard, lives flies swarming around the lights and an over filled electric fly trap.”

In addition two dead mice had been found in the basement within a five day span, and the presence of live flies in storage rooms and in displays continued. The narrative also stated, “Several freezer display cases labeled ‘out of order’ holding merchandise to be returned to the vendor since May 25, 2002, must be emptied, cleaned and sanitized immediately to prevent contamination hazard.”

A subsequent follow up occurred on the following day revealed still more items along with several recurring items from previous inspections.

Among newfound critical issues were the ceiling walls and floor in the refrigerated meat room not being clean to the touch and an open bag of lime being kept in a dry storage area. Dead insects and rodent droppings continued to be found in the establishment as well.

On Friday, September 9 the Health Department conducted a final inspection after closing Posey’s. This revealed a total of five critical and five non critical items, eight of which were recurring from previous inspections. Among the final new items were the inability of staff to adequately explain proper cleaning procedures and cutting surfaces in refrigerated meat rooms not being clean to sight.

After this series of inspections Posey’s remains shut down, with a possible reopening date not yet announced.

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