Walmart getting millions worth of upgrades

Courtesy of Newburgh Walmart

The Newburgh Walmart, located at 8599 High Pointe Drive.

Individuals who have stepped inside the Newburgh Walmart recently may have noticed the major upgrades and reorganization of the store's layout.

Newburgh Walmart, located at 8599 High Pointe Drive, is only one of 19 Walmarts throughout the state that received new investments from a pool of $96,127,500.

"This is a huge investment that will shape the future of retail in Indiana," said Director of Communications for Walmart, Anne Hatfield, "Changing how people shop, and changing how store associates better serve customers."

Hatfield said the Newburgh store is one of the many Indiana stores Walmart has wanted to upgrade.

"These remodels are meant to help our customers by providing them a great shopping experience," she said. "They are part of a larger effort to remodel thousands of our stores across the country. We started these remodels two years ago and it's just taking time to work through the list."

Those upgrades include a state-of-the-art electronics department with interactive displays, an updated pharmacy with the addition of a private consultation room, new look in hardware with additional products, new signage and flooring throughout the entire store, updated apparel department, new signage in produce, bakery and deli departments, fresh paint on the inside and outside of store and the installation of a Walmart Pickup Tower.

"Hoosier customers have taken quickly to Online Grocery Pickup and to our Walmart Pickup Towers as these developments have begun to roll out across the state," said regional vice president of operations Rodney Walker.

"Walmart is committed to convenience, and we look forward to expanding these technologies and more in 2019."

Hatfield said Walmart is innovating for the future by giving their associates the right technology to help them save time and focus on service and selling.

"Additionally, improving our customers in store experience with a remodel is a priority for our team as well," she said. "We understand that retail is changing, and Walmart is changing with it. New store innovations and remodels are all part of Walmart's transformational journey to becoming an employer of choice, as well as maintaining our customers overall shopping experience."

Newburgh Walmart Manager Brandon Hughes has worked for Walmart for 17 years but just came to the Newburgh location earlier this year.

"The store hadn't had a full remodel since it was built in 2009," he said.

Hughes said he is excited for customers to see the new upgrades and designs, which he noted are "much more customer friendly."

"The new innovation and design in the store is a benefit to customers," he said. "Walmart looks at how customers navigate the grocery store and we have moved stuff around in the grocery department, like the aisles are now perpendicular when they used to be parallel. We also moved bread over to coffee, peanut butter and jelly because that makes more sense next to that stuff."

The community is invited out to celebrate the Newburgh Walmart remodel with a grand reopening at 9 a.m. on Friday, May 3. For more information, make sure to check out their Facebook page at

Hughes said there is a much bigger picture to all of these wonderful and expensive upgrades to the store.

"It's not so much about investing in the store, as it is investing in the community," he said. "Here in the Newburgh store, we participate in programs where we purchase different things for the football and baseball programs and get involved in community grants. And that's what I am more interested in, letting people know in the community that Walmart is here to support and help out."

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